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While The Simpsons™: Tapped Out may be a free-to-play game, there are several pieces of content that can only be purchased with donuts, the game’s premium currency. Below are links to walkthroughs associated with each piece of premium content, as well as a broad overview of when that content that was originally added to the game. Occasionally a building will come packaged together with a premium character, though not always.
LampwickRocket Car120Level 42
Chester DupreeUnfinished Shed150Level 41
Dewey LargoLotto ‘N’ Liquor150Level 40
Crazy Cat LadyCrazy Cat House180Easter 2014
ManjulaApu’s Apartment160Level 39
Blue Haired Lawyer90Level 38
LuannCracker Factory150Level 37
Jimbo120Level 36
Jub-JubSpringfield Pet Shop90Level 35
Disco StuStu’s Disco180Level 35
Sherri & Terri150Level 34
Arnie Pye85Level 33
Kamp BartKamp Krusty200Level 32
McBainFilm Set120Level 31
JasperCommunity Center150Level 30
The Rich Texan85Level 28
Miss SpringfieldSleep-Eazy Motel225Whacking Day
Drederick TatumSpringfield Coliseum190Whacking Day
LugashLugash’s Gym175Whacking Day
Dr. Nick90Level 24
Sideshow MelKrustylu Studios140Level 24
Bumblebee Man60Level 23
OttoSchool Bus120Level 21
Kearney60Level 21
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