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Occasionally in The Simpsons™: Tapped Out there will be limited-time event, usually centered around holidays. Typically these events anywhere from one to four weeks. Below are links to walkthroughs associated with these events. This is only a partial list of previous events, a more complete list will be added in due time. Right now this is just a temporary landing page until such a time when this page can be properly updated.
Yard Sale 2014Apocalypse Now, Again?
July 4th 2014The Rocket’s Red Glare Redux
July 4th 2014Declaration of Co-Dependence
July 4th 2014Failure to Launch
StonecuttersThe Secret of the Cut Stone
Easter 2014Four-Day Weekend For Our Sins
Easter 2014White Collar Hero
Easter 2014A Spoonful of Bitter
Easter 2014The Last Temptation of Hugs Bunny
St. Patrick’s 2014Training Day
Valentine’s 2014Cards Are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue
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