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Broadcast Options at Channel 6

Channel 6 is one of the few buildings in the game that allow you to choose which task to run, as oppose to simply repeating the same set task over and over. There are now seven programming options available at the station, though four of them require the purchase of premium content. Do not feel obligated to make these purchases though, as you can maximize your output without these extras.

To get a better understanding of the different broadcast options, let’s take a look at them individually.

Channel 6

Broadcast Cost Income XP Time Requires
Weather Report $180 $400 90 60m Weather Station
Live News Report $670 $1,500 350 4h Channel 6 News Van
Regular Programming $670 $1,500 400 8h
Worldwide News $1,600 $3,500 750 12h Worldwide Broadcast Dish
Channel 6 News $1,200 $2,750 700 16h
Channel Ocho $2,200 $5,000 1,250 24h Bumblebee Man
Broadcasting Arnie Pye $3,400 $7,500 2,100 2d Arnie Pye

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