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Wheel of Friendship Spinning Strategies

Ahhh – look what Cupid has brought us – another prize wheel for our spinning enjoyment. JusMyPad hand Wheel of Friendshipt the fact that we get to use another finger movement other than tapping makes it seem wondrous, never mind being able to win prizes from it.

As most of you have already figured out, this mesmerizing wheel is a far cry from the one Krusty (I mean EA) rigged during the last Christmas event. Not only are the odds of winning significantly better with no item receiving less than a 5% chance of success compared to prizes with less than a 1% chance in December, but there aren’t any boobie prizes (ie 3 cash prizes at an 18% chance each) this time either.

And those aren’t the only differences: because it is a holiday event built around love and not greed (xmas), the prizes are more demure and hearfelt. There are no ominous Claus & Co skyscrapers and Helter Shelters, but rather a heart shaped pond and a bird bath. They are not large buildings and frozen effigies, but rather sweet gazebos and springtime flower carts.

There was so much frustration during the Christmas event concerning the prize wheel, I published a helpful post with some rather ingenious spinning strategies. While I do not think there will be as much consternation this time around, the wheel is spinning differently this time and some clever strategies may need to be called upon on in order to land the exact prizes with which to decorate your Springfield.

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Poll: Take A Wheelie Good Spin

By now most of you have collected your first 200 hearts from your neighbors, so you should have given the Wheel of Friendship a spin or three by now as well. This image shows you the percentages of wining each prize. So, how did it go? Did you beat the wheel at it’s own game or were you stuck on the fence both as a prize or as an observer because the game won’t let you connect?

WheelOfFriendshipAs some of you already know, I am currently playing three different games, so my first spin occurred  on three different occasions – and strangely enough, the prizes got better each time I spun:

On my primary game I scored the Lovely Fences (you get 4 per win), the secondary game gave me the Lamp post. Finally, for my tertiary game, I spun the I Cho Cho Chose You Train – when I say “better” I am only talking about the level of difficulty to get the prize – I personally detest that pink locomotive! ;-)

Although the prizes are not on par with what we could win on the Holiday Prize Wheel during the Christmas event, they really should help to decorate your Springfields and they will be much easier to earn. If the game won’t let you connect – hang in there, and I’ll do a post on the best spinning strategies this weekend.

So, my fellow Tappers – how did it go on your very first spin of the Wheel of Friendship? And what do you think of the prizes being offered this time around? Take the poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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