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Should I purchase the Wailing Wall?

The Wailing Wall is one of the few pieces of content that you can buy to generate ghosts. These will only be available for a limited-time, so you only have a week left to decide if you want to add this decoration to your town. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you want the Wailing Wall, take a day to think it over. You’ll be glad you did, trust me.


  • It’s always animated
  • Every 12h the Wailing Wall generates 6 ghosts
  • It looks better when decorated with Spooky Walls
  • Having this item increases your Vanity by 500 points


  • For 50 donuts, this may not be the best long-term value
  • It may not fit in with your decor so well once the fog has lifted
  • To decorate with Spooky Walls, you’ll have to spend even more donuts
  • Everyone is getting this as a free gift when they log-in tomorrow, so save your donuts

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