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EA, You drive me crazy!

Automobiles love them or hate them they’re part of the modern world and an absolute necessity to most, never the less EA obviously don’t feel the same way as I do because for nearly two years now poor Homer has had to walk around Springfield, as his famous Pink family Sedan has yet to make an appearance in the game. Whilst you probably think the extra exercise is doing Homer some good there’s absolutely no excuse for not giving Marge her Orange Station Wagon, I mean when you’ve got three kids a car is a must, but no EA are making the whole family walk around, sure they may have given Homer a Fixie during “The Day the Earth Stood Cool” update but a bike is no substitute for a car.

Now Homer probably deserves the punishment for blowing up the town in the first place but why punish the rest of his family! And whatever did the other characters in the game do to EA to be deprived of their vehicles?
Also while where on the subject of vehicles I wonder which genius at EA decided that no vehicles should be allowed on the roads. Perhaps when they add the missing vehicles they might address this issue.
So on behalf of the downtrodden characters of Tapped out I’ve looked into which vehicles should be added to the game to help them get around.

First and foremost we need Homers Pink Sedan in the game, and we needed yesterday, in my opinion it’s probably one of the most iconic vehicles in the world so come on EA stop punishing Homer and give him his car back.
Secondly we need Marge’s car adding to the game, like Homers car it’s another famous piece of the Simpsons and we want it. In fact we need it.

Now I’ve mentioned the two most demanded cars from the show there are a few more I think should be added, just for the shear fact that we don’t have that many unique cars in Tapped Out.

Willies Tractor would make a fine addition as would the Canyonero and I think you’ll agree we definitely need to see Cletus’s Truck and Wolfcastle’s Hummer.

So that’s it, my six favourite vehicles EA should add to the game next. So what do you think? Do you agree with my choices or would you like to see something different adding to Tapped Out, after all there are still well over fifty unique vehicles which could be added ! I will probably follow-up with another selection of cars when EA eventually release the six I want.

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Baby, You Can’t Drive My Car

Although there are many vehicles you can purchase, all of them are strictly for show. Vehicles cannot be placed on roads or even over parking lots. Oddly enough all of the vehicles in the game are premium items, which would lead you to believe they do more than just sit there.

The only character who even interacts with a vehicle is Respectable Moe with the Limo. So unless you want it to look like an auto show has just rolled into town, save your donuts for more interactive items. The only thing these items offer is a bonus multiplier, as do a majority of premium items.