The World’s Smallest (most expensive) Vanity Decoration

In case you don’t have five-million dollars to spend on the World’s Largest Zirconia, here is a quick overview of this decoration. Unlike the other expensive vanity items, this one is particularly small. It only occupys a 3 × 3 space on the map, which is smaller than one road tile. It does however come with an animation when you tap on it. Considering the asking price, it’s the least this little decoration can do, other than boosting your vanity rating up a considerable amount of points.

The animation is as follows. When you tap on the zirconia it disappears in a puff of smoke. When the smoke clears you see a Polaroid photo gently gliding down onto the empty pedestal. Afterwards you see another small puff of smoke and the zirconia reappears.

For those wondering about the origin of this decoration, it comes from the episode Homer the Vigilante.

Here Comes The Sunsphere

If you’ve wasted all your money buying this item for $750,000 – only to be left short when it came time to buy the S.W.A.T. Van, at least you get a short quest line to make up for it. None of the other over-sized vanity items came with any sort-of quest, so at least this is something. What is even better is that this quest takes four of your characters out of Krustyland for twelve hours, because it’s not like you needed them to earn tickets or anything.

As an added bonus, building the Sunsphere does unlock new 16h tasks for Bart, Milhouse, Martin, and Nelson. They can now “Celebrate the ‘WOD FIR’”, which if you’re having trouble understanding exactly what that means, this screen capture from the show should help.

Oh, and the Sunsphere is an actual building that exists in the real world. If you would like another tidbit of information, the title of this quest line is a play on the title of the 1969 song Here Comes the Sun, by The Beatles.
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You’re So Vain (if you’ve built these three buildings)

There are currently three over-sized items available in the game, and they all come from the same episode of the show, “Marge vs. the Monorail”. Any one of these items will increase your vanity rating tremendously, should you build all three you’ll likely never have to worry about that rating dropping from five stars again. The hitch is that they are all incredibly expensive, with the cheapest of the three costing one-million dollars.

If you would like an idea of what these all look like when built, below are a few screenshots. Have you added these three buildings to your town? If so, share what you’ve done to incorporate them into your own town.

NameXPCostVanity Points
Escalator to Nowhere10,000$1,000,0001,000
Popsicle Stick Skyscraper20,000$2,000,0002,000
50ft Magnifying Glass30,000$3,000,0003,000

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