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Should I purchase Up, Up and Buffet!?

Up,_up_and_buffetWith the Valentine update came this new premium restaurant called Up, Up and Buffet! You may remember a post by raventhief about restaurants that could be added to the game and this one had made the list! It’s a restaurant shaped like an airplane that can be seen near the Gilded Truffle. The idea is to provide customers with an experience that is close to what eating in an actual airplane is supposed to be like. For example, the ”captain” will announce that the flight is under turbulence and employees outside will make the plane move. Homer and Marge even went there for their anniversary one time. Now here is a list of pros and cons to help you decide if you should buy donuts to get this building.

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Champagne from a Paper Cup

TangoNow that Mindy is back in the picture, will she try to seduce Homer, or is there something else going on entirely? If you’ve been following along, these two co-workers have just finished their first shift together in years.

Mindy has a proposal that will solve all of Homer’s problems. Could this temptress be up to her old tricks again, or has she accepted that Marge is the only woman Homer will ever have eyes for? Find out in the conclusion of this romantic Valentine’s Day storyline.

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Should I purchase Brandine Spuckler?

Brandine and Cletus

Cletus, Brandine and Spiderpig

When it comes to spending real life money on donuts to get an item or character in a free game, one has a right to ponder if it’s a good idea or not. If you’re looking to spend some of your disposable income on Brandine but you’re not sure if it’s a good deal or not, you’re in the right place. Here is a list of pros and cons to adding her to your Springfield.

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Romantic Cheapskate, a guide to earning hearts

What are some of the best ways to earn hearts? By playing the game! Too often with timed event, players feel pressured to earn all of the prizes immediately, and spend donuts when they don’t have to. By completing all parts of, “Cards Are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue” you will earn a total of 1300 as your reward. That’s 6½ spins just for playing normally!

5 spins25 donuts
15 spins65 donuts
30 spins115 donuts

You can use donuts to buy extra spins, but you really don’t have to! You can also collect hearts by tapping the “Be Mine” icons when you visit your neighbors. Even though you’ll see a deminishing return over time, you can still manage to earn three free spins if you collect from all one-hundred of your friends each day.

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Why Can’t I leave Valentines for Some of My Neighbors?

Today is I was skipping between my neighbors towns delivering heart-felt Valentine’s Day greetings (why skipping? because how else would one deliver such odes of love and joy?) and I was confronted by no less than 10 neighborHomer with Valentines who evidently did not care for my sweet notes of hand- made affection.

Could it be that I was being given the cold shoulder? Maybe these neighbors are in a committed relationship and shun all interlopers? Or maybe they just don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day for cultural or digestive reasons?

After quickly dismissing these sorry excuses, I gave it some actual thought and detective work. There are actually two reasons for your neighbors not to be receptive to your advances (friendship or otherwise). And neither of them, apparently, have any thing to do with your halitosis, belly tattoos or your drooling cross-eyed stare.

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Secret Rendezvous‎ at Madame Chao’s

My favorite part of any new update is getting a new character added to the game, and this time we are treated to Mindy Simmons, a former co-worker with the hots for Homer.

She first appeared in the episode “The Last Temptation of Homer” and is voiced (though not in-game) by notable actress Michelle Pfeiffer. The building is notable because it is where she and Homer shared dinner for the first time on their trip to the National Energy Convention in Capital City.

The quest line is similar to the story from this episode, so if you’re familiar with it, you can probably guess where the story in the game is heading. Below are the next few quests in this Valentine’s Day themed update. This should catch you up for the next day or two, as each task is particularly lengthy.

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Poll: Take A Wheelie Good Spin

By now most of you have collected your first 200 hearts from your neighbors, so you should have given the Wheel of Friendship a spin or three by now as well. This image shows you the percentages of wining each prize. So, how did it go? Did you beat the wheel at it’s own game or were you stuck on the fence both as a prize or as an observer because the game won’t let you connect?

WheelOfFriendshipAs some of you already know, I am currently playing three different games, so my first spin occurred  on three different occasions – and strangely enough, the prizes got better each time I spun:

On my primary game I scored the Lovely Fences (you get 4 per win), the secondary game gave me the Lamp post. Finally, for my tertiary game, I spun the I Cho Cho Chose You Train – when I say “better” I am only talking about the level of difficulty to get the prize – I personally detest that pink locomotive! ;-)

Although the prizes are not on par with what we could win on the Holiday Prize Wheel during the Christmas event, they really should help to decorate your Springfields and they will be much easier to earn. If the game won’t let you connect – hang in there, and I’ll do a post on the best spinning strategies this weekend.

So, my fellow Tappers – how did it go on your very first spin of the Wheel of Friendship? And what do you think of the prizes being offered this time around? Take the poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Starting a Rose Garden

If you’re wondering why there isn’t much to do with this update, you’re not alone. You see the event doesn’t really start until the first task finishes, and it takes twenty-four hours to complete. Once you finish growing your new rose bush crop, all of the Valentine’s Day fun really begins.

Below is the first part of the walkthrough, which should get you through most of the day. We’ll be covering more as the event progresses, but for now enjoy this small snippet of Homer’s quest to give Marge the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. A full walkthrough will be posted sometime later today or tomorrow, but just so you know “Cards Are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue” is a ten-part quest line.


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The Waiting Game

The Valentine’s Day update finally arrived, and if you managed to log-in and start playing, you’ll find that the first task takes 24h to complete. So the event really doesn’t get into full swing until tomorrow.

Unfortunately, this update seems to have overloaded the servers as the nearly everyone seems to be unable to sign-in to Origin. Great EA, despite your latest efforts, the only thing you’ve managed to break so far… is my heart.

Actually, I was able to log-in earlier and I noticed a lot of new revisions to the base game that are bound to excite players… you know, if they can ever log-in. If you’d like to read about them while you’re waiting to play the game, continue reading. It beats hitting “retry” over-and-over again.

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Valentine’s Day 2014 Update is Live!



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