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Interview with The Simpsons Producers About ”Brick Like Me”

homer legoAunt Platy here with news about Brick Like Me. I have talked about this upcoming episodes many times in previous posts because it’s just so epic! First came out an awesome LEGO set of The Simpsons home with a few minifigures. Later, they released even more minifigures for that set. The episode is to air on May 4th and never before have The Simpsons been so involved in another universe. Some of you may remember Homer in 3D. In season 7, episode 6 – Threehouse of Horror, the last segment, Homer3 features Homer in a 3D  universe. This time, it’s a full episode taking place in a LEGO world.

You can read the full interview on the Entertainment Weekly website.


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Level 39 where are you?

Hello tappers! Is it just me or does it seem like forever since the last time we had a level update? In fact, level 38 arrived on January 16th, a little over 2 months ago. Since then, we’ve had 2 episode tie-in updates, the Valentine’s Day event, the Superbowl event and the ongoing St. Patrick’s Day event. While some could argue that EA has blessed us with a plethora of new content since the beginning of 2014, others will convey that they are very eager to see a new level update hit their Springfield. Especially those who need over 600,000 XP to reach a virtual level that gives donuts!level 37

Last year, EA dropped new levels on us every 2 weeks for quite some time, but it seems that since the Halloween event, new levels occur less and less frequently. Fortunately, we do get to have special events related to real world holidays, and we are even offered items from those themes. Most of us missed out on these during the first year of Tapped Out due to the fact that the game was not yet available on Android at the time. This game gained even more popularity than ever before when that happened. It has me wondering if the game declined in popularity in the last few months? It can’t be a financial issue since we know that Tapped Out is one of the best grossing revenue game apps for 2013!giphy

The bright side of this is that if you wanted to redesign your town, you’ve had plenty of time to do it. Even better if you were behind on a few levels. It gives you a chance to fill up your TSTO bank account, too. It’s always nice to have some cash in advance when a new level hits so you can afford to buy the new buildings right away instead of grinding desperately for the amount you need. It also gives us time to talk about a wider variety of Simpsons related things like my series on the actors behind the voices, the music from the TV show, the LEGO set and much more. The down time is also always a good time to speculate about what could be added next. Fans just LOVE talking about what item, building or character from the show could be added next. Sometimes, it feels like someone working at EA reads these blogs at night and pulls out our ideas in meetings. Are they doing it to be nice to the hardcore fans, or do they take the credit for the ideas? As long as we get Crazy Cat Lady next update – I guess it’s all good!

So, are you guys ready for a new level? What do you think awaits us next? Give us you hopes and dreams in the comments section.hB4E1610C

Snowball II – Friendship Level 3

Lisa and Snowball IIHo-diddly-ho neighbor-eenos! Today I’m going to talk about the 3rd level of friendship prize that is none other than Lisa’s best friend: Snowball II! I personalty think it was about time this character was released in the game. Santa’s Little Helper was made available long ago and it was mandatory the EA gives the cat too. Now, if only we could get a real version of Maggie instead of just seeing her on Marge’s 8 hour task, the Simpsons would all be reunited at last! But that’s another post. Let’s take a look at what this kitten means to Tapped Out.

fucked snowball

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The best decoration, and it’s not something new

If you think that just because there is snow on the ground that it’s time to pack-up the Halloween decorations, think again. If you had the foresight to purchase some of the limited time decorations during the Treehouse of Horror event a few months ago, you can spruce up your town with some Spooky Trees.

Hey, it’s bone-chilling cold outside now! They might just be skeletons, but they’re just about the only ones dressed for the weather! Maybe the citizens of Springfield should think about donning a scarf and a pair of mittens if they don’t want to end up meeting a similar fate.

Credit: This great find was brought to my attention by Reddit user goldenratio1111.

As Seen on TV, the Community Prizes

Now that all of the community prizes have been unlocked, now seems like the perfect time to take a look back and see just where the inspiration for all of these items came from.

First Church of Lard Lad

In the season 23 episode “Holidays of Future Passed”, we take a look into the future for the fourth time in the history of the series. The First Church of Lard Lad is just one of the many buildings showcased in this episode, but it is the only to be introduced into the game. In the episode itself, the building serves no other purpose than to establish the fact that the future is different, and that this once humble donut shop has now become something of a cult.

Howard’s Flowers was one of the buildings introduced during the Valentine’s Day update, but it wasn’t a skyscraper. I guess in the future the horticulture business is very profitable. Given the dystopian atmosphere of the city, I can see why. Don’t you think the future could use a bit more greenery?
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Should I purchase the Wailing Wall?

The Wailing Wall is one of the few pieces of content that you can buy to generate ghosts. These will only be available for a limited-time, so you only have a week left to decide if you want to add this decoration to your town. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you want the Wailing Wall, take a day to think it over. You’ll be glad you did, trust me.


  • It’s always animated
  • Every 12h the Wailing Wall generates 6 ghosts
  • It looks better when decorated with Spooky Walls
  • Having this item increases your Vanity by 500 points


  • For 50 donuts, this may not be the best long-term value
  • It may not fit in with your decor so well once the fog has lifted
  • To decorate with Spooky Walls, you’ll have to spend even more donuts
  • Everyone is getting this as a free gift when they log-in tomorrow, so save your donuts

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Should I purchase the Talking Krusty Doll?

Many of the items that were available for free during last year’s Halloween event have been added to the shop this year, only now they cost donuts. The Talking Krusty Doll is one of those items. Unlike most NPCs, this one has a voice

The doll alternates between two phrases: “I’m Krusty the Clown, and I love you very much.” and “Krusty say die!“. In one animation, you see a bunch of hearts appear. In the other, the doll pulls out a butcher knife. I’ll leave it to you figure out which phrase matches with each animation.


  • It has a voice
  • It has two phrases, each with distinct a animation to match those phrases
  • You’ll need this to complete the “Treehouse of Horror XXIII” section in the character list


  • For an NPC, 60 donuts is a bit pricey
  • You won’t receive any quests after buying this NPC
  • After Halloween, you may just end up putting this in storage anyway

Should I purchase Devil Flanders?

Last year, players received Devil Flanders for free, as his inclusion was important to the overall story of the Halloween event. This year he makes a return, but this time the costume will set you back 75 donuts. So is it worth the purchase price?

It is Ned’s only costume to date, so if you like having a little more variety for your characters, you might consider picking this up while you can.


  • The “Show His Wrath” outdoor task is quite unique
  • It is amusing to have the antithesis of Ned as an alternate costume


  • None of his tasks will help you earn any GOO
  • You won’t receive any quests with this costume
  • Most costumes that cost donuts pay at the premium rate, this one does not
  • His 24h task remains locked unless you also buy the Hell House façade, which cost 40 donuts

Should I purchase Zombies?

There are a pair of zombies in the shop, each priced at 12 donuts. It may be tempting to add the Crazy Zombie and Senile Zombie to your town, especially with the spooky atmosphere, but will they still be as aesthetically pleasing once the dark fog clears? It is something to consider before making your decision.


  • They won’t eat your eyes
  • Reasonably priced at 12 donuts each
  • They aren’t voiced, but they do have sound effects
  • You’ll need them if you want to collect all five zombies
  • The animations are fun, and reminiscent of last year’s Halloween event


  • They will eat your brains
  • They do not add anything beneficial to the game
  • Their animations are identical to the other zombies
  • The remaining three zombies don’t require a donut purchase
  • They could be a waste of donuts, making it harder to acquire higher priced items

Homer Must Suffer from Thaasophobia

Thaasophobia is described as the fear of being idle. Homer may suffer from this, as there are very few times in this Treehouse of Horror update where he is left idling.

Homer may be the main character of the show, but with so many supporting characters, does so much of the content really need to focus on him? Many users cite this as the biggest problem with this update. It was even joked about on Reddit how many twenty-four tasks Homer has. He only has five, but it feels like there are a lot more.

So how exactly how busy is Homer? Let’s take a look. Keep in mind this doesn’t even include the Strongman Homer tasks, which would add an additional 2d 60m to the total. If you add up everything else though you get 7d 20h 30m of time that Homer is required to be on task.
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