We Come in Pieces! Pt. 1 – 5

ray-gunOne of the coolest, and most unique characters in the game was only available for a limited-time during the Treehouse of Horror XXIII event. Kang, the alien from the planet Rigel IV, could only be obtained by purchasing the Ray Gun for 100 donuts. After completing “The Black Hole Pt. 4″, Kang’s UFO would fly over your town somewhat menacingly.

Purchasing this item would allow players to shoot down the UFO, causing Kang to crash land into the Ray Gun. After this sequence the Ray Gun becomes the Crashed UFO and Kang is introduced as a permanent resident in Springfield. Don’t worry about your Ray Gun though, Professor Frink puts a brand new one in your inventory, just in case of another alien attack.
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What is your favorite Treehouse of Horror story?

The Treehouse of Horror XXIV, is scheduled to air on October 6, 2013. It is incredibly likely that the game will receive an update around this time to celebrate Halloween, as well as to have some tie-in content with the episode. Last year iOS players were treated to what was, in my humble opinion, one of the best holiday (and social) events of the game. Hopefully the developers can recreate that magic this year as well.

Taking into account the vast history of the Treehouse of Horror, which story do you remember the most fondly? Wouldn’t it be great if this Halloween update drew from some of the older specials as well? Given the high price of premium stuff lately, I would very much appreciate it if the game decided to rain donuts.

“Hmm… it’s raining again.”

from Treehouse of Horror V, “Time and Punishment”

Easy-bake Coven Pt. 1 -5

marge-witchWhen the Treehouse of Horror XXIII update to the game launched, it brought more than just the next level to the game, it started a holiday event that gave players a reason to play everyday. By collecting candy pieces you could purchase Halloween themed content, only available during the duration of this event. Along with this update there were a few limited-time items that could only be acquired by purchasing them with donuts. One of them was the “Cauldron” an item that unlocked the only alternate costume for Marge to date.

The added bonus of this costume, which cost 90 donuts, was that every task rewarded you with a candy piece. At the time that added more value to this extra, helping to justify its cost. As a standalone costume, its more of a novelty. It does have one interesting feature, which allows Marge the Witch to speed up a crop on Cletus’s Farm. It’s a four-hour task, that shaves four-hours off of the time it takes to build a crop.

Marge the Witch

60m$10526Buy Eye of NewtKwik-E-Mart
4h$26070Speed Up a CropCletus’s Farm
8h$420105Do a Victory Lap
12h$600150Stir the PotCauldron
24h$1,000225Relax with Book of SpellsSimpson House

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