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number 51 unlock

Should I Buy Number 51?


Who helps you spend donuts wisely? WE DO! WE DO! PlatypusGuitar here for another ”Should I Buy?” post to help you, the big sky finger in making purchasing decisions when it comes to premium items in TSTO. This event is filled with awesome free content but you may also be tempted to invest some real world money in order to get stuff that costs donuts. Let’s take a look at this Number 51 character, a martian member of the Stonecutters. Don’t forget this is a limited offer that will end with the event on July 2nd 2014.

stonecutters table


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Lisa is a regular Veronica Mars

allseeingeye_menuHave you noticed how many times Lisa is sent off on a long quest line to solve some sort-of mystery? If Lisa ever manages to stop being 8-years old, when she grows-up, I bet she’ll become a private detective like Veronica Mars.

Obviously there is a mystery surrounding the Stonecutters, and Lisa takes it upon herself to solve it. In “The Secret of the Cut Stone” she’ll discover untold truths, and you’ll get a sweet reward.

tl;dr – The first walkthrough for this update is now online.

stonecutter homer chosen

Stonecutters Event – How Does It Work?

WOOHOO! New Event! And it looks like it’s gonna be loads of fun! If you haven’t already downloaded the update, go to the app store or the Google Play store immediately to start some stonecutting fun. If you’re a bit confused as to how things work, don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for. In this post I’m gonna explain how the event works.

stonecutter butt mark

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Stone Cutters Update Imminent

Mysterious men have been spotted near Springfield. What do they want? When will they arrive? What is with their giant stone? Are you ready to discover the secrets of this cult before it is too late? Or just tired of being asked all these questions?
Mysterious men have been spotted near Springfield. What do they want? When will they arrive? What is with their giant stone? Are you ready to discover the secrets of this cult before it is too late? Or just tired of being asked all these questions?

According to the official Facebook page for the game, a Stonecutters update is on the way. The above image was teased with a caption.

This was one of the things teased at the beginning of the year, and it look as though it is finally ready to come to fruition. This fan favorite may just be enough to make us forget Easter.

If you are not familiar with one of the greatest Simpsons episodes ever, go seek out the 12th episode season 6 “Homer the Great right now. Seriously, just stop reading and watch it. We’ll be here when you get back. (times passes) Amazing, right?!

So save-up your in game cash and clear a spot of land for what is sure to be one of the best updates to the game in a damn long time.

The Bloodmobile

Hiya tappers! Level 41 has brought us a new freemium decoration to be added into our towns. Now what is a bloodmobile? Well, Wikipedia defines it as ” a mobile blood donation center. It is a vehicle (usually a bus or a large van) equipped with everything necessary for a blood donation procedure.” Since this vehicle is medical related, it makes sense to include it in an update with other items relating to Dr. Hibbert.

As for references in the show, I could only find one appearance, and that was in the comic book, “Lisa the Vampire Croaker.” The truck was seen at Dr. Nick Riviera’s Blood Bank, which Groundskeeper Willie originally thought was a home for vampires.

Because the bloodmobile has never been seen in the TV series, does that limit its value? Let’s go into the pros and cons!


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To Graffiti or Not To Graffiti, That Is The Question!

How are my favorite neighboreenos doing this week? I hope you’re enjoying the weather in between taps. With the last update being almost done for most of us and no new update this week, things are a bit slow going across the site. There just isn’t much about the game to cover these days. Even more reasons to go play outside! I did however want to tackle this graffiti thing for a while.


With the Easter update, the Friends Points system was modified. When they were first introduced, you could earn FP in your own town by cleaning up graffiti. This meant that your neighbors were actually helping by spray painting your police station, Moe’s, town hall and Springfield elementary. The benefit of getting FPs was greater than having your righteousness rating go low because of it.


Now, we earn FPs for every handshake we clear from our own towns which means 2 things: we earn FPs way faster than before and there is not really a need to graffiti your neighbor to help them. I wanna know what YOU think. Are you on team CLEAN or on team GRAFFITIS 4 EVERYONE? Let us know in the comments below and maybe we can establish a way to go amongst neighboreenos!

Homer Map FP


Music From The Simpsons – Spinal Tap

Hello there Tapperinos! Aunt Platy here taking a break from level 41 to talk about music from The Simpsons. It’s been a while since my last installment from this series. We were all busy with the Easter event and new levels and now that things are slowing down I’m going back to this musical themed post relating to the TV show that inspired this life ruiningly fun game with one of my favorite bands of all time: Spinal Tap!

spinal tap simpsons

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duff party liner

Should I buy The Duff Party Liner?


Hello there Big Sky Fingers! Are you enjoying the new level so far? I am and I hope you are too. With level 41 came 2 premium items: Chester Dupree and the Unfinished Shed and the Duff Party Liner.  As everyone knows, you just can’t get enough of that Duff! Since The Simpsons Tapped Out started, EA has blessed us with several Duff related items: Duffman and the Duff Brewery, the Duff racerthe Duff Stadium, the Duff Party Bus, the Duff Blimp and the Barney-Duff Blimp, the Duff Pavilion in Krustyland, the Duff mascots topiarys  and now, this! Like most Duff items in TSTO, this last addition to the Duff collection is premium. When a Big Sky Finger is about to spend hard-earned cash on sidebar_donutdonutssidebar_donut for a virtual item, this Big Sky Finger has a right to wonder if it’s a good purchase. That’s why you come here and read my posts, isn’t it? Now Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to adding the Duff Party Liner to your Springfield.

Duff Beer T-Shirt

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Level 41, Initial Impressions

characters_level41I just finished rushing through both quest lines, and I have to say that I’m not too impressed with the update. Perhaps it’s because I’m completely unfamiliar with Dr. Hibbert’s wife, but honestly it’s more because her character is very one-dimensional and has an awful personality that makes this quest line tedious.

The new character isn’t all that spectacular, especially for one that costs donuts. The gears in my head are spinning, and I could write a full analysis on these two characters, and how they are not only offensive, but represent the worst of Springfield.

I would recommended against spending your donuts on Chester Dupree. Instead buy the Duff Party Liner, because it is awesome!


The Duff Party Liner doesn’t add much to your town, besides its 2.75% bonus, but there is a great animation whenever you decide to tap on it. Anything Duff makes Springfield feel more vibrant and fun. Plus there are so many great Duff decorations in Springfield already, that it will fit into your town quite easily.

Honestly, I’m surprised to see Bernice Hibbert added to the game before the likes of Helen Lovejoy and Sarah Wiggum. Hopefully more wives will be added to the future, until then try and enjoy this update. If you’re lucky, maybe the glitches were fixed for you too.


Level 41 has arrived! Teased character costs 150 donuts.

! Dr. Hibbert kicks off the initial dialogue, but Moe triggers the first quest.

The new character’s name is Chester Dupree, who can only be unlocked if you’re willing to spend 150 donuts. He comes with a building though, the Unfinished Shed.

The focus of the update is Mrs. Hibbert. She comes with the Vulgari Jewelry Store, which costs $800,000 to build. So hopefully you have a nice stockpile of cash so you can get started with this latest content update.

Additionally we get a new decoration, the Bloodmobile for $132,000. Sadly everything else costs donuts, like the Duff Party Liner (100) which is one more boat for the Squidport area.

Sadly the animation/lag glitch still seems to be a persistent problem. For those who have been locked out of their games, has this update helped any?