TSTOgame on Flickr, share pictures of your town

One of the most common requests I received when I asked for suggestions and general feedback was to enable visitors of this site to share picture of their town. So now this blog has its own group on Flickr. To be completely I honest I have no idea how, or if, this will work the way as advertised.

If you would like to, try joining the group and posting screenshots from your own town. Hopefully this is something people will be interested in. Should it take-off… well, let’s just get through the day. Baby steps.

Springfield Confidential Pt. 2 – 7

The Springfield Police are finally ready to go after the real criminals. The most corrupt characters will finally see their day in court! What’s that? There is no court house building in the game? Then straight off to jail with the lot of you. You may be asking yourself, after sending nearly the entire town off to the slammer, who are the most corrupt characters in town? The politician and the mobsters of course. They’ll be going away for a long, long… twenty-four hours. Who needs their day in court when that’s the entire length of your prison sentence? After this the police can go back to doing what they do best, taking trips to Lard Lad Donuts.

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What Happens in the Brown House, Stays in the Brown House

It seems as though the Springfield Police are finally aware of some of the shady dealings going on in the Brown House. What they don’t know is just how much activity that house has seen. Sure, Homer might occasionally break into watch television and Bart and Milhouse like to play paintball there, but that’s just a small sample of what goes on in this little slice of suburbia.

All of these activities may seem innocent enough, until you throw Shauna into the mix. In case you don’t know, Shauna is a premium character that was only made available for purchase during the Valentine’s Day update. She has two tasks in this house, one of which is to “Seek Inappropriate Love”. Considering all of the characters who frequent this house, she certainly has a lot of “inappropriate” options. Of course, before she has a chance to act on her desires you could send her into the house with Mayan Homer who uses the house to perform a human sacrifice. Wow, just like that the Brown House has become The Cabin in the Woods.

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Unusual Suspects Pt. 4 – 5 and Springfield Confidential Pt. 1

The quest to question and ignore many of the crimes being committed in Springfield continues. Will the long-arm of the law ever catch-up to this criminals, or will the (mostly) law-abiding citizens of Springfield be have to pay the price for the misdemeanors? Stay tuned for the next part of this quest line which will be posted very shortly.

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Suggestion Box and General Feedback

Can you believe this blog has only been online for ten days? I would just like to take a moment to ask you all what you think of the site and what kind of posts you would like to see in the future. Right now I am going to be focusing on completing walkthroughs for the most recent quests, and perhaps at some point go back to walkthroughs that focus on the beginning of the game.

Aside from that I am open to suggestions. Is there anything specific you would like to see on this blog?

Unusual Suspects Pt. 1 – 3 and Moe Town

After a slight diversion to the Brown House, the hijinks of the Springfield Police continue. Unusual Suspects is the second chapter in a four part story that revolves around Chief Wiggum and his two co-workers, Eddie and Lou. It’s time to get some police work done, and the first step is to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity. Multiple people in Springfield all using the Brown House for their own purposes isn’t suspicious, is it?
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Chief Wiggum has an updated task

Chief Wiggum’s six hour task has always been “Nap in the S.W.A.T. Van”, and before this update this meant he would go the Police Station to complete this task. Well, now that there actually is a S.W.A.T. Van in the game, he actually does go to it to complete that task. Unfortunately this means that you’ll need to reach Level 33 and purchase the S.W.A.T. Van before you’ll have access to this task again. Still though, it’s nice that the developers made this change to better reflect the current build of the game.

You’re So Vain (if you’ve built these three items)

There are currently three over-sized items available in the game, and they all come from the same episode of the show, “Marge vs. the Monorail”. Any one of these items will increase your vanity rating tremendously, should you build all three you’ll likely never have to worry about that rating dropping from five stars again. The hitch is that they are all incredibly expensive, with the cheapest of the three costing one-million dollars.

If you would like an idea of what these all look like when built, below are a few screenshots. Have you added these three buildings to your town? If so, share what you’ve done to incorporate them into your own town.

NameXPCostVanity Points
Escalator to Nowhere10,000$1,000,0001,000
Popsicle Stick Skyscraper20,000$2,000,0002,000
50ft Magnifying Glass30,000$3,000,0003,000

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Sideshow You is the ticket to… tickets

Do you want to know the secret to earning more tickets in Krustyland? Magnitude has the answer for you. “Pop! Pop!” is exactly what you’ll be doing to the balloons in the game Sideshow You. You unlock the ability to construct this building during the fifteenth part of the Krustyland story line, and it only cost 1,000 tickets to build.

How does it work?

Every eight hours you have a chance to play a balloon popping gaming. Inside each balloon is a random amount of tickets, and if you’re very, very lucky, five donuts. Just because there are eight balloons, doesn’t mean you have an 8:1 shot of getting a donut prize though. If visualizing helps, imagine a box full of hundreds of balloons. Each time you pop three balloons, they are replaced with three balloons from the box. Only a very small portion of the balloons in the box have the donut prize inside of them.

Information in the files suggests that you are guaranteed to win 5 donuts on your 300th game, which may be the only time you can actually win donuts. If anyone has played less than 300 games and has managed to win donuts from this game, please comment.

Sideshow You

5 tickets1:540%
10 tickets1:1030%
25 tickets1:2520%
50 tickets1:509%
5 donuts1:1001%