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Fun with Flags

As part of the Thanksgiving update, The Mayflower was introduced into the game as a decoration for the waterfront. Players can clearly see two flags flying on the masts of the ship, but neither of them are historically accurate.

Before getting into what the flags should be, lets take a moment to discuss the flags that are being flown on the ship. One you may recognize, but the other is a military flag that is still in use today.

The flag on the right-side of the ship is the Union Flag, the national flag of the United Kingdom. The discrepancy is that the developers used to the modern day version of the flag, not the one that would have been on the ship in 1620 when The Mayflower made its historic voyage.

On the left is the flag that should be on the ship, as the addition of the red saltire is an indication of Ireland, which did not merge with Great Britain until the 19th century. The merging of these two countries formed what we know today as the United Kingdom.

On the right is the flag of England, also known as St. George’s Cross. This is the other flag that should be shown on The Mayflower. The developers mixed up the colors and by doing that inadvertently displayed the army flag for the country Georgia.
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The Mayflower Docks in Springfield

If the Springfield waterfront is looking a little bare with you could purchase The Mayflower for 100 donuts. It may just be a Vanity item, but it adds a much needed visual spark to the boardwalk area.

This addition to the shop is permanent. So you’ll have plenty of time to decide if you want to add this premium decoration to your town. Unfortunately both of the flags on the ship are incorrect.


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