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Turkey Troubles

unlock_turkeyRemember last month when everyone was concerned about tapping haunted buildings in a neighbors town because they were worried it took ghosts away from their neighbors?

Now we have the same issue with the Thanksgiving quest, only instead of ghosts, it’s turkeys. You see, in Pt. 9 of the Thankless Thanksgiving quest Sacagawea Lisa needs to call a total of ten turkeys to Springfield.

She needs to do this four-hour task a total of ten times, so that’s a total of forty-hours. As soon as she completes the task, a turkey will appear somewhere in your Springfield. All you have to do to collect it is find it, and tap on it. Simple, right? Well if you don’t take the time to find it and tap on it, your neighbor could potentially steal it. Does it take away from your neighbor, or does it just give you an extra boost without robbing your neighbor of a turkey?

Just like with haunted buildings, it’s a bit hard to test. People have given conflicting reports where it may or may not take away from your neighbors turkey total, so what’s a player to do?

Honestly, the easiest solution is to just find the turkey once Sacagawea Lisa finishes calling it to your town. It’s a bit of a hunt, especially if you have a large town, but it’s best to get find it and tap it right away. Once you finish this quest you won’t have to worry about hunting turkeys anymore.

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Guides, the best Tapped Out walkthroughs online

For the past few weeks I’ve been doing an exhaustive amount of work preparing a new feature for the site, Guides. Since I started this blog, one thing I set out to do early on was provide full walkthroughs for all new content added to the game in a timely fashion.

Readability was also a priority, as I wanted everything to be very easy to understand. After a few revisions, I settled on a format that incorporated several small tables to convey the necessary information.

This was great for outlines, but I also wanted to incorporate it into walkthroughs. For a few weeks these two sections of the site existed side-by-side, but since the information was nearly identical, I wanted to find a way to streamline these two sections of the site into one easy-to-navigate page.

Finally I settled on an idea that allowed users to show or hide the quest dialogue. This option gives readers the flexibility to switch between an abridged and unabridged view of the guide without having to navigate to a completely different section of the site. It was also important to keep these pages image free, to make viewing these guides on a mobile device that much easier.

On this page you will find guides for a majority of content currently available. Social events that have concluded and cross-promotional events for old episodes will eventually be added as well. Right now though you will be able find information for everything dating back to the first content update.

Hopefully this new feature of the site will prove to be a great resource for players new and old.

P.S. I didn’t mention it before, but the unabridged guide for the Tribal Chief is now available.

More Than Just Hot Air – Stampy

In this short-series, we’ll take an in-depth look at the characters who were big enough to get their own over-sized float balloon.

Today we’ll be taking a look at Stampy. This elephant made his first appearance in the episode “Bart Gets an Elephant”. How does a ten-year old boy wind up with his own African elephant? By winning a radio contest of course! Things don’t go so we well, because as you would imagine elephants don’t make the best domesticated pets. Homer decides to sell Stampy to ivory dealers, but Bart runs away with Stampy to prevent this from happening. Somehow Homer ends-up in a tar pit and Stampy saves him, so the family decides to give Stampy away to an animal refuge instead.
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Win a Free Turkey

If you complete all twelve parts of “Thankless Thanksgiving”, you’ll unlock a new non-playable character, a turkey. It’s a nice reward for completing this holiday quest. Hopefully this trend will continue in the future. It’s nice to take a break from the standard game play every once in a while, especially when there are rewards at the end of the quest line.

The unbridged version of the Thanksgiving quest line has been posted.

Both of the flags on The Mayflower are incorrect

themayflower_flagsIn my previous post about The Mayflower I noted that the the flag for the United Kingdom and the flag for Denmark are shown on the ship.

Unfortunately it seems as though the developers got both of these flags wrong. Initially I thought they just gone one flag wrong, but as my historically astute readers have pointed out, they missed the mark twice.

It shouldn’t be the flag for Denmark, but rather an inverse of those colors, which would be a white flag with a red cross. That flag is known as St. George’s Cross, and it is historically known to be one of the flags flown on The Mayflower.

The other problem is the flag for the United Kingdom, known as the Union Jack. At that time in history, the Union Jack did not have the red diagonals. Those red diagonals (i.e. St Patrick’s Cross) were added to the Union Jack in 1801 after Kingdom of Ireland and the Kingdom of Great Britain merged.

To put that in historical perspective The Mayflower made its historic voyage in 1620, nearly 200 years before the modern day Union Jack was created. This oversight is just about as bad as showing a modern day American flag in 1776, it just doesn’t work.

The flags on the ship should look like this. Maybe the developers will fix these errors in the future, but until then I’m glad I didn’t spend 100 donuts on this ship. If you’re going to do an update focusing on history, make sure to get the history correct.

Thanksgiving Characters Task Lists

Here is a quick overview of the new tasks you can choose for Sacagawea Lisa and the Tribal Chief. Each of these characters have two outdoor tasks, and three indoor tasks.

In my opinion Sacagawea Lisa has the better visuals, as the “Hand Out Expired Vouchers” task for the Tribal Chief is nearly identical to Kirk’s “Hand Out Fliers” task. This wouldn’t be so bad, but Kirk was only released last week.

Also, if you like visuals and 24h tasks, you can keep this costume on Lisa. It works as a good alternative to her “Do Next Week’s Homework” task. It doesn’t earn any more money or XP than her default outfit, but at least it gives you something to look at.
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Abridged Thanksgiving Guides Posted

The abridged guides for the Thanksgiving 2013 update, as well as the guide for the Tribal Chief w/ Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino have been posted. These guides are essentially when planning your characters tasks.

Full dialogue versions of these guides will be available, most likely tomorrow, though I’ll do my best to get at least one of these finished tonight. In the mean time enjoy this latest quest line, which celebrates the feast of Thanksgiving. Once you complete the twelve-part quest you will be rewarded with a special prize.

Should I purchase Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino?

Native American’s are famously known for operating casinos. If you think Springfield should have it’s own casino you can now add Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino to your town, but should you?

It does come with a character, but is that enough of a reason to buy it?


  • It earns $200 and 22 XP every 8h
  • It’s a build that comes with a character
  • It increases your Consumerism rating by 10 points.
  • The Tribal Chief earns money and XP at the premium rate


  • It’s a really big building, with measurements of 17 × 6
  • For 150 donuts, there are better things you could purchase
  • Unless you have a lot of free space, you may find this building hard to place
  • It doesn’t include the Pow-Wow’s Casino Sign, which cost an additional 40 donuts

Final Thoughts
Honestly, this is a piece of premium content I would pass on. It’s an expensive piece of content that doesn’t fit very will with the rest of the game. If you’re going to spend money on content, prioritize getting notable characters from the show in your town before one-off characters. Just because it’s only available for a limited-time doesn’t mean you should rush to purchase it.

The Thanksgiving Update Has Arrived

Now that Halloween is over, we’re ready to jump right into Thanksgiving. This update includes a brand-new costume for Lisa, that is completely free and one of the first things you’ll obtain when you log-in to play today.

If you’re not from the United States, you may not be familiar with Thanksgiving. If you’re from Canada, you’re probably wondering why we are celebrating Thanksgiving after Halloween. If you are familiar with the holiday, this quest line will make much more sense to you.

Here’s an overview of all the new content available.

P.S.: The game updates automatically, but you may need to turn your device on and off for the game to recognize the new content. So don’t fret if the game updates and you don’t see anything new.



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