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The Next Level

level-34-splashThe last time we had a proper level update was back in January when Judge Snyder and the Courthouse were added to the game. While their are still plenty of characters that could be added in the future, as the Simpson universe is full of colorful personalities, are level updates really that important?

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Ain’t no people on the old dirt road

dirt-road-tempThe latest building in the game inadvertently reignited our desire for dirt roads to be added to the game.

The Guinea Pig Rescue Center gives us an idea of what dirt roads would look like, and it’s glorious! To be able to design a rural area of town, just outside of the city would really open up the design options.

Roads are nice and all, but there are a number of buildings that are much better place somewhere off the beaten path. Lincoln’s Cabin, Fort Sensible, Mount Carlmore, etc., all of these could be complimented greatly by the addition of dirt roads. If you could have it so characters could walk on dirt roads as well, it would certainly breathe some new life into the game. I can smell that fresh country air already.

Are dirt roads on your wishlist, or is there something else you would like to see first? Leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know what you would do if dirt roads were added to the game.

It’s All Greek to Me

As the final part of this latest episode tie-in begins, Lisa mentions that she has given names to the guinea pigs and that it is easy to confuse Clytemnestra for Iphigenia. So in the interest of finding out why spell check didn’t flag these names, who are these two?

According to Greek mythology, Clytemnestra was a femme fatale who murdered her husband, Agamemnon. That might sound bad, but once you know what he did to their daughter, Iphigenia, you might change your mind.

Basically, he told his wife that their daughter would be sent to Aulis to marry Achilles, but once she arrived she was sacrificed to the goddess Artemis. Why would he sacrifice his own daughter? Well, it was an offering so the winds would be favorable when his troops set sail for Troy.

After that betrayal, their marriage did not work out so well. Clytemnestra began an affair with her husband’s cousin, Aegisthus. Together they plotted Agamemnon demise. In some accounts, such as the Odyssey by Homer (not that Homer) Aegisthus is credited with murdering Agamemnon.

Either way, tricking your wife into sending your daughter to be ritualistically sacrificed was not the wisest decision. As the saying goes “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

Level 39 where are you?

Hello tappers! Is it just me or does it seem like forever since the last time we had a level update? In fact, level 38 arrived on January 16th, a little over 2 months ago. Since then, we’ve had 2 episode tie-in updates, the Valentine’s Day event, the Superbowl event and the ongoing St. Patrick’s Day event. While some could argue that EA has blessed us with a plethora of new content since the beginning of 2014, others will convey that they are very eager to see a new level update hit their Springfield. Especially those who need over 600,000 XP to reach a virtual level that gives donuts!level 37

Last year, EA dropped new levels on us every 2 weeks for quite some time, but it seems that since the Halloween event, new levels occur less and less frequently. Fortunately, we do get to have special events related to real world holidays, and we are even offered items from those themes. Most of us missed out on these during the first year of Tapped Out due to the fact that the game was not yet available on Android at the time. This game gained even more popularity than ever before when that happened. It has me wondering if the game declined in popularity in the last few months? It can’t be a financial issue since we know that Tapped Out is one of the best grossing revenue game apps for 2013!giphy

The bright side of this is that if you wanted to redesign your town, you’ve had plenty of time to do it. Even better if you were behind on a few levels. It gives you a chance to fill up your TSTO bank account, too. It’s always nice to have some cash in advance when a new level hits so you can afford to buy the new buildings right away instead of grinding desperately for the amount you need. It also gives us time to talk about a wider variety of Simpsons related things like my series on the actors behind the voices, the music from the TV show, the LEGO set and much more. The down time is also always a good time to speculate about what could be added next. Fans just LOVE talking about what item, building or character from the show could be added next. Sometimes, it feels like someone working at EA reads these blogs at night and pulls out our ideas in meetings. Are they doing it to be nice to the hardcore fans, or do they take the credit for the ideas? As long as we get Crazy Cat Lady next update – I guess it’s all good!

So, are you guys ready for a new level? What do you think awaits us next? Give us you hopes and dreams in the comments section.hB4E1610C

Awesome Simpsons LEGO Movie Couch Gag Intro

Hey tappers! Just thought I’d share this find with you. Filmmaker Marc-André Caron made a stop motion intro of The Simpsons using the new LEGO Simpsons set. The couch gag involves some characters from the LEGO movie as well. The episode ”Brick Like Me” involving LEGOs will air on May 4th. It also happens to be the season finale. In the meantime, enjoy this video. If you like it, you can check out BrickFun.net videos on the MonsieurCaron channel on YouTube.

Cross-Blog Contest! Tapper of the Month

The three kingdoms have formed an alliance, and to celebrate I’m very pleased to announce the first ever multi-site collaboration for a monthly contest. We will be working with two of the biggest Tapped Out blogs on the net, TSTO Addicts and TSTO TopiX to bring you an opportunity to let us get to know you better, as well as a chance to win some DOUGH and be crowned Tapper of the Month!
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Family Guy Tapped Out???

fgtoSome of you tapperinos may have heard that a new mobile game featuring Family Guy is coming soon. The release date is for April 30th to be exact. Some images from the games have already been leaked onto the interwebs. I even have a twitter friend who’s account is totally dedicated to Simpsons tapped out who was able to get his hands on a beta version and started posting screenshots from the game. He won’t tell me how he acquired it. My guess is it’s probably a hack. Since we at tstogame.com do not encourage you to hack anything, I won’t share those images with you but rather some material from our friend spAnser at tstonews.com


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What have you done with your St-Patrick’s Day items?

Oflanagan pubHow are you doing tappers? I hope you’re all enjoying this mini event. Some of you may have bought a premium item. If you’re still wondering if the Sham Rock Café or the Wishing Well are worth your money we got you covered. Most certainly everyone has O’Flanagans Pub and a few decorations up by now. I admit that there isn’t much stuff compared to other Holiday related events but we can still lay out an interesting design around it. Here are some Irish flavored screen caps from my neighbors’ towns. I invite you to share images from your Springfield in our Flickr pool. If the images appear too small for you, just click them to enlarge. Enjoy!

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Should I Buy the Wishing Well?

wishing well menu 2River greens ‘a flowin’ tappers! I hope you read that in an Irish accent! When it comes to premium items, you may ask yourself if the thing you covet is worth spending hard earned money for donuts in a virtual world. Today we are taking a look at a premium item for the St-Patrick’s Day event: the wishing well. As we have seen with previous holiday related events, EA likes to give us what we missed last year. This item was available last year under the same circumstances as this year.

WARNING: There are SPOILERS regarding the quest dialogue at the bottom of this post. Be careful if you don’t want to see it just yet! Now, let’s weigh in the pros and cons of purchasing this decoration.

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St. Patrick’s 2014 is here!

sidebar_shamrockI’ll be working throughout the day to get all of the necessary information out to you, but this is just a quick update to let you know the update is live. After it downloads you may have to power off/on your device for things to kick off. If you missed out on Tom O’Flanagan and his pub last year, you’ll get a second chance this year.

The update beings with an automatic conversation between Homer and Lisa.

All of the content from last year returns along with a Leprechaun Statue, and a new premium building, the Sham Rock Café for 120 donuts.

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