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Should I purchase the Swanky Fish?

swankyfish_menuThe Swanky Fish restaurant was last available during the episode tie-in “What Animated Women Want” which aired on April 14th 2013.

Honestly I am as surprised as you guys probably are at seeing it available to purchase again, I wasn’t expecting this at all. So if you missed it last time here’s a second chance for you to buy it, or will you be saving those precious donuts for the level 38 update? Here’s some pros and cons to help you decide.


  • Another swanky restaurant which adds to your gluttony rating.
  • It’s a limited time building and may not back again to buy.
  • It earns you $200 and 22XP every 8 hours which is very nice.
  • Characters that use Swanky fish earn at premium rate.
  • It’s protected so it can’t be accidentally sold.
  • Almost instant build.


  • It’s 90 donuts which means it’s not free!
  • It doesn’t come with a character and only a few characters interact with it.
  • On the rare occasion when it does get used it has a weak animation!
  • No new quest line this time around involving the Swanky Fish.

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Episode Tie-In for “Married to the Blob” released!

In case you missed the announcement, an episode tie-in to Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons titled “Married to the Blob” has just been released. Once you trigger a conversation that starts with Lisa you will be given a brand-new character for your town, Kumiko. She is the central character of the episode’s story, so to find out more about her you’ll have to watch the show. As an additional bonus, a couple of premium limited-time premium items have also had their way into the shop.

The Swanky Fish was available during an episode tie-in last April, for the episode “What Animated Woman Want”. It still has a 90 donut price tag. The other new item is a billboard whichfeatures the iconic mascot, Mr. Sparkle. This item costs 30 donuts and provides a 0.75% bonus. Odds are these items will only be available until Monday, so act quick if you want to add this content to your town.

If you missed the update in my previous post, the complete guide for Kumiko’s quest line has been posted inabridged and unabridged form. It’s a short, three part quest, which you’ll likely breeze through today if you were able to start it right away.


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8hSketch Springfielders
12hOgle Nerd CandyAndroid’s Dungeon
24hWatch Monkey Trauma Center MarathonSimpson Home

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