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Fried dough confectioneries and a non-rigid airship

The spoiler posted a few days ago is now safe to read. Presumably, most of you have already logged into the game and were prompted to the start the one-day only, “Stupor Bowl Sunday” quest. Once complete, you get a reward.

For those who have completed the quest, what do you think of the prize? It’s different than a similar item that was available last year, which many people seem confused by. Personally, I like this one much better. There is quite a bit of representation from this corporate sponsor in the game. Oh yeah!

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Log-in tomorrow for a surprise

We’re pretty sure that our readers are daily players, but just in case you aren’t, be sure to log-in to the game tomorrow. If you haven’t already completed the short three-part quest line that went live on Wednesday, you might want to finish that up before the day is done.

After all, tomorrow is the Super Bowl, and that is what this latest update is all about. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any exclusive new content, would you? This latest promotional video for the game is even subtly hinting that you should play tomorrow. So before kick-off, take a moment to visit your Springfield.

Super Bowl Bummer Update and Homer’s Brush with the NFL

If you are a long time player of Tapped Out, the Super Bowl Update is a bit of a bummer. While we got the dialog, we did not receive any of the content because we already had it. And, yes, I know there is a free prize headed our way this Superbowl Sunday if we sign into our Springfields, but knowing what it is has left me feeling a bit deflated. I mean, how difficult is it to come up with some actual original game content when you’ve got 25 years worth of material to draw from?

Sigh…well at least Fox has stepped up to the plate to give us at bit of the old Rah-Rah Sis-Boom-Bah by releasing this slam dunk of an announcement from Team Yellow:

Now don’t get me wrong – I am definitely not bummed out that our fellow Tappers who did not have the Duff Racer or the Duff Party Bus, got a chance to score these items. EA has done a pretty good job as of late by re-releasing some of the exclusive items from the past – and now that they’ve gone all the way back to the very first exclusive item (the Duff Racer), truly anything is possible at any time. However, at such a steep price, I am sure many newer Tappers will be bummed out that they cannot afford such a high priced temporary item. But the big question is why didn’t EA make more of a direct tie-in to the most often mentioned NFL team on animated television? Why has there been no mention whatsoever of Homer’s fabled foray into the NFL?

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Super Bowl Spoilers

Today we got a surprise Super Bowl update, but the big game isn’t until Sunday. Could the developers have more in store for us? If you want to know the answer to that question, continue reading.

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Surprise Super Bowl themed update, now live!

While we were all anticipating the arrival of the Valentine’s Day update, the developers decided to sneak in a quick quest line to celebrate the American sports tradition, the Super Bowl. When your log-in, after the game downloads some new files, you’ll be prompted with a dialogue exchange between Homer and Lisa. The quest “Stupor Bowl Weekend” starts off once this dialogue exchanges completes. So free up those charters if you want to get started.

This update also brings back the Duff Party Bus, though for the price of 50 donuts. This was the same price it was offered during the Season 24 Yard Sale. So if you missed out, now is your second chance to add this exclusive decoration to your town. It comes with 2.25% bonus money and XP to all Jobs.

Another bonus! The Duff Racer can be purchased for $250,000 for a limited-time as well. This is the very first exclusive item ever added to the game, so to see it re-released is a real treat.

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