The rush to build a better Squidport

The Springfield Squidport is taking a very long time to complete. Odds are we’ll see a Christmas update before a majority of people complete their boardwalks. It gets especially hard to wait as the last 30 tiles take 3½ days to complete. This means you’ll only be able to build two tiles a week during that final stretch. Of course you could always spend some donuts to rush a few tile builds, but that can get very expensive, very quickly.

Are you pacing yourself with the tile builds, or are you in a hurry to see a completed Squidport? Has the Krustyland expansion distracted you from focusing on the boardwalk? There is so much to do in the game, and it shows no signs of slowing down.


Where are you spending the majority of your time?

Now that a brand new map has been added to the game, are you spending all of your time in Krustyland or are you still focusing on the main city? I’m sure there are many people who trying are to spreading their time evenly between the zones, but which area do you find that you’re the most excited to work on?

Has Krustyland become your main focus?


An easy way to tell how far along your friends are

The friends page of the game has been completely revamped. Now at a glance you can see just how far along your friends are in the game. Not only can you tell how developed their Springfield is, but now you can see who has started building the Springfield Squidport as well as Krustyland. Additionally if you tap the Krustyland part of the map, you’ll be taken directly to your friend’s Krustyland, without having to find the Krustyland Shuttle in their town.

You can also use this feature to help prune your friend list. If you see a higher level player who hasn’t even started the Squidport yet, there is a good chance they aren’t actively playing the game anymore. Since you are only allowed a certain number of friends, you may want to make room for more active players.

Check below the break to see some examples of the different stages of construction.

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How are you building the Springfield Squidport?

The Springfield Squidport update finally allowed players to build right up to the sea, as well as a full boardwalk. While long time players might have no problem buying all of the land expansions, it’s the boardwalk tiles that require the most patience. Not only do you have to purchase these titles, but you also have to wait longer and longer for these tiles to finish building. The problem with this is that you’re going to unlock new buildings faster than you’re going to unlock the space to place them. The result of this is very congested boardwalks, where every bit of free space counts. Once you get to through your first ten tiles, the rate of growth begins to slow down dramatically.

  • Tiles 11-15 – $5,000 / 24 hours
  • Tiles 16-30 – $7,500 / 1 day 12 hours
  • Tiles 31-60 – $10,000 / 2 days
  • Tiles 61-90 – $12,500 / 2 days 12 hours
  • Tiles 91-120 – $15,000 / 3 days
  • Tiles 121-150 – $17,500 / 3 days 12 hours
Please mind the gap

The reason the developers may have instituted this structure is to make this content update last longer, or to encourage impatient people to rush tile builds by purchasing donuts. Either way you look at it, you’ll either be waiting a very long time to complete your boardwalk, or end up spending a great deal of money trying to rush it to completion.

My strategy for building the boardwalk is to start off with a row of two, this way buildings can be accommodated. After that I created a border, and as I go along I’ll slowly fill-in the middle to allow for a more aesthetically pleasing Squidport. How are you building your Squidport?