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Should I purchase the Springfield Pet Shop?

The Springfield Pet Shop is one of the newest buildings available to purchase in the shop. It costs 90 donuts and unlocks Jub-Jub, the only pet with the ability to go on a task. Unfortunately his options are limited to just one task, and that is to flick his tongue.

So is this little iguana worth the purchase price, or he is better left out in the wild? Also, are there any benefits to the building itself?


  • This building comes with a character
  • Although limited to one task, Jub-Jub does earn at the premium rate
  • Jub-Jub unlocks a 6h task for Selma, which also earns at the premium rate


  • No characters ever interact with this building
  • While on task, Jub-Jub remains in one spot, otherwise he’ll wander around town
  • This won’t help your consumerism rating, as it only slightly increases obedience
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