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Spoiler: A Halloween Surprise

Apparently EA has a little surprise in store for us if we log-in to the game on Halloween. An image of what that surprise is has been posted after the break, so avert your eyes if you would rather wait to see your treat. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a place for this beauty in your Springfield.

It is possible that this may be a part of some future update, but we’ll see when Halloween rolls around if the rumor turns out to be true. If not, just consider this post a trick instead of treat.
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Spoiler Alert: King Homer’s Skyscraper animation

king-homerThe final community prize will be King Homer’s Skyscraper. It is safe to assume that this building will come with its own quest line, similar to when the First Church of Lard Lad unlocked.

Players have wondered whether or not this building will come with the King Homer costume as well, since it does show him holding onto the skyscraper. No information released so far has confirmed this though, it has all just been community speculation. If you want to know more about this building, and don’t mind ruining the surprise, continue reading.
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Get a Freebie! Find out what we’re getting for Season 25

Last year, to celebrate the 24th season premiere, players were gifted a free item: the Duff Racer. If you want to know what free item we’ll be getting for the 25th season premiere, read ahead.
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Spoilers for the Level 35 update

It looks as though TSTO News has found out what new content is going to be added to the game, most likely tomorrow. Now many of you had said that you’re enjoying the game without peeking behind the curtain, but for those of you do, here is a little taste of what’s to come. If you’ve visit any other site, you probably know what’s coming by now.

For my readers who would rather not be spoiled, don’t read any information after the break. It’s my way of putting up one last roadblock between you and information that would spoil the surprise of the next update.

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