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Here Comes the Plow King

Last winter, Mr Plow was added to the game (for 90 donuts) so it was only a matter of time before a Plow King costume for Barney was created. You can’t buy this costume though, you have to earn it as one of the prizes on the Holiday Wheel. Though it does seem to make it appear you will have to win the Mr. Plow costume first.

So what happens if you don’t have Barney and you win the costume? It may just stay in your inventory, should you ever decide to purchase the Bowlarama. There is a possibility of that you can acquire him after unlocking the Plow King’s Plow, but that is only speculation.

Unlocking the Plow King costume sets off a five-part quest line, which you can follow along with in both abridged and unabridged form. It’s a bit odd how he only monologues to himself in this quest line. Perhaps the whole experience are just the inner-thoughts of a man who has been drinking too much alcohol.

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It’s early, don’t waste your donuts on the Holiday Wheel!

From what I’ve seen in mentioned in the comments, players are blowing through donuts faster than Homer left alone in the break room. You don’t need to waste your donuts on spin tokens. All you need is patience!

The first personal prize is the Egg Nog Bar, which automatically generates one free spin token every twenty-four hours. Given that the event doesn’t end until Jan. 7th, this will give you roughly twenty-six completely free spins.

If you acquired all of the decorated house façades from last year, there are only 14 unique prizes you can win. For those who are experiencing a Tapped Out Christmas for the first time, there are 28 unique prizes to win, which pretty much gives you a great opportunity to win something new every day.

Sure, you might get a couple of zonks by landing on the a gift card or $1000 cash wedge, but there will always be another opportunity for another free spin tomorrow. You might even come across a spin token by opening presents.

There may be some prizes you desperately want, like the Claus Co building, but is it really worth going through your whole donut budget for something you could have eventually won for free had just waited patiently for your next free spin token to generate? If you’re going to go spin token crazy, do it on Jan. 6th.

P.S. After you collect all 10 personal prizes, every additional 1,000 gift cards will get you another completely free spin token. So if you can breeze through to 30,000 gift cards, odds are you’ll also collect plenty of spin tokens before the event ends.

Poll: A Real Wheel-for-all!

By now most of you have collected your first chocolate coin from the Egg Nog Bar, so you should have given the prize wheel a spin by now as well. So, how did it go? Were ya feelin’ lucky and scored big, or were you a timid spinner and just won some cold hard cash?

As some of you already know, I am currently playing three different games, so my first coin happened on three different occasions – and strangely enough, the prizes got better each time I spun:

On my primary game I scored the Marge Snowmom, the secondary game gave me the Plow King skin for Barney. Finally, for my tertiary game, I spun the Claus Co. Skyscraper (24 hour build).

All and all I’d say that wasn’t too bad of a haul! I did buy some coins for donuts in my primary game and had a mixed result, with half of the spins being cash/gift cards, and the rest facades or SnowSimpsons.

So, my fellow Tappers – how did it go for you on Krusty’s Prize Wheel? What did you score on your very first spin? Do you think using donuts to either speed up the Egg Nog Bar (after a half day or so) or buying more coins is a good idea to get these items, or is it best to hope that the 30 spins you’ll be allotted during the event will be sufficient? Let us know in the comments section.

How do I earn more Spin Tokens?

Once you collect your first prize, the Egg Nog Bar, you will able to generate one spin token every twenty-four hours. These tokens can be used to spin the Holiday Wheel, which has an assortment of prizes, including the façades you will need to decorate your houses.

You may also find spin tokens while collecting presents and gift cards, though to find one is rare. Hopefully this answers any questions you may have had about this particular element of the event.

The event ends on January 7th, 2014. This should give you close to thirty spins of the wheel. If you’re lucky you may be able to attain all of the great prizes from this game of chance. If not, you may want to consider spending some donuts on spin tokens, but only use that option as a last resort. There are plenty of other things to spend your well-earned donuts on.

Once you earn all of the personal prizes, every 1000 gift cards you collect will net you another spin token.

You Spin Me Round (Like a Prize Wheel)

Did you miss out on all of the Christmas house façades from last year? Well good news! You can earn them, but you’ll have to work for it. Every gold coin you collect gives you a chance to spin the prize wheel. There’s even a new façade for the Skinner House, as well as a chance to earn some premium decorations.

If you’re lucky you might even win content that is exclusive to this prize wheel, like Helter Shelter. For a full list of the possible prizes, check after the break. Keep in mind you can purchase gold coins with donuts, but there’s always a chance you’ll just earn the dummy prize of $1000 cash.

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