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Valentine’s Day 2014, A little ‘more’ speculation.

You may remember a few weeks back I wrote a post speculating as to what might happen during this years Valentine’s Day event, I also recapped last years event in the same post.

Since then I’ve had a chance to look over some old Valentine’s Day episodes of the Simpsons and have found a few more ideas of what could be added to this years Valentine’s Day event.

Instead of having a Bart love interest we could have a Lisa love interest for a change in the form of Nick, he was seen during the episode “The Daughter also rises” from Season 23. If they do add Nick they will probably add the restaurant where they had their date, Le Petite Appétit. They could also add Mulberry Island where Nick and Lisa rowed out to, this would look awesome in the water near SquidPort.


Now I am sorry about the next lot but I’ve kind of run out of material, all I could find was a billboard, a chocolate Apu statue and the Thorn Valley Rose place. Yes I know I am scraping the barrel with them but who knows, maybe EA is getting desperate.


As always if you can think of something I might have missed leave your comments and hopefully the Valentine’s Day event will start sooner rather than later.

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A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

If you have survived my three previous posts regarding possible new (Themed , Fast Food, Posh) eating establishments, then you’re probably a little overweight by now. I know some of you overindulged on the content and if you want to avoid ending up in the Springfield Morgue, I would seriously start looking at joining a new gym as the current “All night gym” obviously isn’t working out for you!


Coincidentally I have a selection of fine fitness establishments for you to peruse, (I bet you never saw that coming) after all its a years membership you’re paying for and we all know you’re only going to visit a few times, so take your time and make sure the gym is suitable for your needs. More importantly though how would said gym look in your Springfield.


I know a few of you are far to lazy to bother going to the gym, we have had a gym in Tapped Out for a while now and if you’ve not bothered to use that, then you probably won’t use a new one either! I include myself in that category but what other option is there if you want to lose a few pounds. The answer is ‘Cosmetic Surgery’ unfortunately at the moment in Tapped Out there are no establishments which would perform the surgery. I suppose we could ask Dr Nick but he’s a bit expensive to buy, hopefully though EA will release one of these fine clinics so we may look slim again.


So would you like to see any of the aforementioned buildings adding to TSTO?
Obviously any or all of the mentioned buildings could be added by EA in the future, as they have all been seen in The Simpsons over the years. I particularly would like to see the city morgue!

Sir, May I take your order.

20140122-134842.jpgWith valentine’s day just around the corner, I was wondering which fine dining establishment Homer is going to wine and dine Marge at this year. Currently we have a choice of four potential posh restaurants he could take her to, Asia de Cuba, El Chemistri, The Gilded Truffle and finally Pimento Grove. These four are all well and good but I am sure Marge is sick to death of visiting the same places over and over again. So which new Posh Restaurants could EA add to Tapped out that have been seen in the show?
Thus boosting your gluttony rating and also giving Marge a refreshing night out.

Well firstly we could have had Chez Paree which looks to be a very nice restaurant from the inside, it even has a lobster tank to choose your own lobster! Unfortunately I have been unable to find an exterior shot of the building, as it’s never been seen from the outside in the show. So it’s probably very unlikely we will ever see this particular restaurant in the game.

Don’t despair though as I have managed to track down a small selection of Posh restaurants for you to mull over.


The first on the menu is the Enchanted snail last seen in “Moms I’d Like to Forget” during Season 22, followed by Ugli which briefly appeared during “A Fish Called Selma” way back in Season 7 and finally we have the Cloth Napkin seen during “The Seemingly Never-Ending Story” Season 17. I am aware there have been a few other posh restaurants seen in the show but those are outside of Springfield. So that’s it, just a lowly three that in my opinion count as a worthy restaurant to take the wife to on Valentines day. Of cause some people have their own opinion on what’s Posh and what’s not, so if you think I’ve missed any out please let me know.

If you’re a cheap skate and don’t think taking the Wife to a nice restaurant on Valentines day is worth it, you could check out my other posts on Fast food Joints and Themed Eateries .


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