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Should I purchase the Southern Cracker Fountain?

Content updates usually come with a few new premium decorations, this time we have the option either the Golden Calf Icon or the Southern Cracker Fountain. Both decorations have the same price of 30 donuts, and they both provide the same bonus of 0.75% bonus money and XP to all Jobs.

So really, which one you choose all comes down to a matter of your personal taste. Does the Southern Cracker Fountain wet your appetite? Get it? They are crackers, and they’re wet… because they’re in a fountain. Puns!


  • The water animates
  • It provides a 0.75% boost to all XP and Jobs
  • It will make the Cracker Factory look a little less stale


  • You don’t get one for free
  • The crackers in the fountain remain stationary
  • Fountains without crackers in them don’t cost any donuts
  • They really only make sense as decorations in front of the Cracker Factory

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