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Snow, it looks like this

snow-os8Soon the grassy green landscape of Springfield will be replaced by power-blue hues and a blanket of snow. If you missed out on the event last year, you’re in for a treat. Actually you’re just in for a visual modifier that will be a refreshing change of pace for the first two weeks, after that you’ll wish for Spring… kind of like actual snow.

Hopefully the façades from last year will be free, or at least easily obtainable through some quests. Actually, I just hope there are more of them. It’s nice to have them for the houses you can always build, but it would be nice to see some other buildings get a bit of the holiday treatment too.

The snowman decorations will probably un-melt too, because science!

At least the Simpsons’ don’t have to shovel their driveway, because there are never any cars on the road. In fact, it’s pretty convenient how all the roads stay plowed. Mr. Plow isn’t even really needed is he?

The reindeer should return as well. Springfield is turning into a real zoo isn’t it? Turkeys, frogs, dolphins, dogs, cats, and snakes. Maybe it is time to introduce some form of animal control into the game. You know… come to think of it, the animals in the town may actually outnumber the women. That’s really sad!

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