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Level 38 items – where are they from?

simpsons-conveyorHello there neighbor-eenos! A new level came out a few days ago and by now, you may be wondering about some of the new items for purchase. Here is a list of those buildings and decorations, their origins and everything you want to know about them. In each description, there is a link to a simpsons wiki page for the episode where that item came from, if you ever need you memory refreshed or if you want to look for it in case you haven’t seen it before.

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Designing my Town

wip-town-longMy town is very unique, and a lot of that has to do with the land expansions I decided to purchase. Instead of just buying the cheapest plots of land that were available, I decided that I only want to build outward horizontally. This created the effect of having one long strip of land.

It is difficult to make your town unique from the thousands of others, so this was one idea I had to make mine stand out from the crowd. Yesterday I managed to build out as far as I could keeping with this limitation, allowing me to place my focus back on constructing new buildings.

What will be interesting to see is if I’ll be able to maintain this slim-design once I progress further along into the game. Not having any premium content certainly helps the miniimalist nature of my town, but there are still plenty of buildings that still need to be constructed.

How do you like my humble little town? I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

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How do I remove neighbors from my friends list?

You may have noticed some changes in the game with this latest update, mainly the absence of the ability to remove neighbors from your friends list in-game. Now if you want to access your list of friends you’re going to have to download the Origin client for PC/Mac.


Once you have it installed, just click on the “Friends” button and it will open a new window, listing all of your friends. From there you will see an option to “Block” or “Remove” beneath every user name. It’s a lot easier to do things this way, but it is such a hassle to have to install a separate piece of software on a computer for functionality that should be built into the game. If you were on iOS, this functionality was in the game until they removed it, making the iOS and Android versions nearly identical.


Alternative you could download the EA’s Scrabble app, as that has a built in friends manager. Why Scrabble has this feature and Tapped Out doesn’t, I have no idea.

Valentine’s Day 2014, A little speculation!

With the snow gone and just under a month until valentines day, I think it’s time for some speculation and educated guess-work as to what if anything EA have planned for us this Valentine’s Day.

Let’s recap what happened last year during the Valentine’s Day event.
Firstly the currency was hearts and these could be collected by sending and receiving valentines day cards. The hearts were used to purchase limited time valentines day buildings and decorations.



Any hearts left over at the end of the event could be put through the heart grinder which converted hearts into donuts!! Nah only joking it converted them into in-game dollars. I know a lot of people were peeved with this.


I would say without any uncertainty judging by the two previous rerun events we shall get all of the aforementioned content, hopefully it won’t be made premium, however I expect Shauna will remain premium at 90 donuts.

So what can we expect this year? Assuming EA are going to be treating us with a valentine’s day event.

20140114-113947.jpgI think we might see another love interest for Bart in the form of Mary Spuckler.

I really hope they bring back some kind of community prize and hopefully a variation of the prize wheel.

We could see a new ride the tunnel of love for Krustyland.
A Decoration in the form of Barron Von’s, Munch House chocolate delivery van.
We could also have a skin for the Kwik-E-Mart.

Now that’s all I can think of, so if you have any more suggestions please let me know…

Cleaning House, looking for new (low level) neighbors

My friends list is overpopulated with veteran players who have already reached the maximum level. There isn’t anything wrong with being at the maximum level, but once you reach that goal you may find yourself less motivated to visit your neighbors when the game isn’t in the middle of a social event.

When I was visiting towns to drop off my gift bags, I found that I was always pleasantly surprised to come across a town that wasn’t fully developed. Maybe because my own town is at such an early stage of development too.

So in the interest of keeping things fresh and exciting, I’m going to be removing many of my neighbors to make room for new ones. It is nothing personal, I’m just looking to shake things up a bit and see how other players are designing their towns. So if you would like to be my neighbor, please leave your user name and current level. The lower your level, the more likely that you’ll be added to my list.

All Rise for the Honorable, Judge Snyder

Sometime later today, the Court House should complete its construction if you’ve been playing without speeding up any tasks. Once it is built Judge Snyder will unlock and jump right into the swing of things as he is set to decide Comic Book Guy’s fate.

Once a ruling is made, the first chapter of the Level 38 update will close. The second chapter, titled “Two Extra Eyes On Springfield” follows as a continuation of this story, with Kent Brockman at the center of it.

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Hungry for Themed Eateries with the Conform-o-meter.

Continuing from my post Gluttony! One of my favourite sins I can reveal that the followers of TSTOgame voted and overwhelmingly decided they would most like to see a post regarding “themed eateries” that could be added to the game.

But first lets look at why we need more restaurants/eateries adding to the game.

At the moment if you are on level 38 you need a total of 286 points to max out the gluttony rating and for this score you require no less than 29 restaurants/eateries/food stands as each one gives 10 points towards gluttony, with the exception of the Fleet-a-pitta which only gives 2 points.
Currently there have been 29 unique restaurants/eateries/food stands released in the game which count towards your gluttony rating.

Here are a list of the restaurants/eateries/ food stands which award points towards the gluttony rating, those in bold can be built multiple times.

Krusty burger–Zestys–Businessman’s social club–Skips diner–Gulp N Blow–Java server–
–Pimento grove–Luigi’s–Gilded Truffle–Moe’s Tavern–El chemistry–

Premium Springfield-2
Lard land donuts–Asia de Cuba–

No longer available Springfield-5
–Swanky fish–O’Flanagan’s Irish pub–Nighthawk dinner–Phineas Q Butterfats–Eggnog Bar–

–Frying Dutchman–Fried dough standCoffee kart–Much ado about muffins–Lemonade stand

Premium Squidport-3
Hot dog stand–PlanetHype–Pop corn stand

No longer available Squidport-1

–Fleet-a-pitta–Khlav Kalash stand

Also the Devil donut Kart, Peanut kart and Festive cider stand, all add to the vanity rating!!

Gluttony appears to be one of the easier ratings on the Conform-o-meter to max out, if you’ve played since the beginning and bought at least one of everything it would only require one extra duplicate building or three Pitta vans to max your rating.
However let’s have a look at which “Themed Eateries” EA could add to make it easier for those who don’t buy premium, or those who missed out on some of the limited time content.

What make a good themed eatery?
Themed eateries are restaurants in which the concept of the restaurant takes priority over everything else, influencing the architecture, food, music, and overall ‘feel’ of the restaurant. The food usually but not always takes a backseat to the presentation of the theme and these restaurants generally attract customers solely on the premise of the theme itself.
So with that in mind I looked back at some older episodes and by using various search engines on the Internet, I have managed to track down a rather delicious selection of themed eateries which I think you’ll like and which could appear in the game.
There are fifteen in total which I think fall under the category of themed, so have a look and see if you recognise any from the show.


All of the above can be found within Springfield so which would you most like to see in your town?
According to TSTOnews the Sit-N-Rotate is already coded and could be seen in Tapped Out shortly!
If you can think of any other themed eateries please let me know.
Also if you want to read about the indolence rating you can check it out here.

Or if your still hungry have a look at my post on Fast Food.

Introductory Law and Extortion Principles

In our continuing efforts to keep our game play in sync with yours, here is the first half of “The Devil Wears Blue” walkthrough, the quest associated with the Blue Haired Lawyer.

You may have noticed that Homer initiated the first part of this quest, even if you didn’t purchase the character. Perhaps this was a veiled attempt to get us to buy some premium content, or maybe it was just a small taste of the quest line for everyone, regardless of their current level to enjoy. This was an interesting approach, as many wondered why Homer was sent on a 30m task that that didn’t appear to have a continuation.

Well it only continues if you decided to purchase the Blue Haired Lawyer. So is this legal eagle worth your donuts? Well… ultimately the decision is up to you, but we have some thoughts on the subject. Honestly, it may not be wise to hire a lawyer who’s retainer could be paid in baked goods, but maybe that’s just me.

As a character, he’s is the embodiment of the greedy, ambulance chasing, lawyer stereotype – so there isn’t a lot of substance there. That’s probably the point though, as he doesn’t even have a proper name. He is a voiced character, so that’s a plus. Are you a fan of this blue-haired esquire, or is he no match for Lionel Hutz?

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Land Expansions, the new necessity

Can you believe that at one time Springfield was only four small plots of land, comprised of nothing more than a few residential buildings and a Kwik-E-Mart?

Well, over time Springfield has nearly doubled in size, but the available land hasn’t quite expanded enough to accommodate veteran players. Think about it, when the game was first released Level 20 was the cap. Now, we’re only a few months away from a possible Level 40 and it is becoming quite a challenge to cram all of these new buildings and decorations into a 14 × 14 grid, and that doesn’t even including the waterfront property.

If EA wants people to continue to play their game, they need to offer more land expansions in the next update. Maybe this is just a problem for players who purchase premium content, but those are the players you need to keep happy. When there isn’t any more available room for new buildings, there really isn’t much of a reason to buy them unless you want your town to become exceedingly cramped.

How do you feel about things? Are you in dire need of more land, do you have more free space then you know what to do with, or are you somewhere in-between? Let us know in the comments, as we’re always interested to hear your feedback.

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Who’s the Dish that Dished us Level 38?

Lindsey Naegle leftI’ve admitted it before, and I’ll grudgingly admit it again, but I am not quite the walking encyclopedia of all things Simpson as are my fellow writers. So the first thing that I thought after updating wasn’t “Woot – Level 38 is here!” but rather “Who is that pretty lady staring back at me to announce our newest daily distraction?!”

Despite not immediately recognizing this character, I hope you agree that my lack of super nerdy in-depth knowledge of the 25 year old TV series, is well balanced by my game knowledge – and my ability to imagine TSTO’s infinite possibilities. And since this comely character has never graced our touchscreens before, I have made it my mission to learn all that I can about her and relay the pertinent bits to you.

As most of you know, TSTO has long been a wasteland when it comes to female characters. Sure, things have been looking up as of late with the inclusion of Luann Van Houten, the Bouvier sisters, Kumiko and Candy Kevin (I tease the lowly NPC). But we haven’t even come close to achieving parity between the sexes since Homer and Lisa were first introduced to start the game. That being said, who exactly is this mystery lady, and why is she so against having a family?

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