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…and now we wait for the fog to clear.

The Treehouse of Horror event has ended, at least it was supposed to. The countdown clock has reached its end, but nothing has changed. It looks like we will have a few more hours to squeeze in any last minute purchases or tasks. It’s likely that later today players will see an update in their respective app stores, as these transitions typically take more than just a quick update to the files.

As always, TSTOgame will keep you abreast of any new developments. For now, enjoy the Halloween content while you can, we’re running on borrowed time people.

Today’s afternoon forecast: Sunny with a chance of Level 37.

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Sharing is Caring, Give Gremlins to Those in Need

Have you obtained all ten personal prizes? Do you have a surplus of Gremlins but no one to share them with? Consider giving them to someone who hasn’t met their 10,000 GOO goal.

You can only give 10 Gremlins at a time, but if you could coordinate with each other properly you could have your Gremlins squished not too long after they are dropped.

So if you haven’t met your GOO goal yet, leave your user name, your current GOO total, and the prize you’re hoping to unlock before the day is done. For anyone who has a surplus of Gremlins to give, leave your user name as well. Hopefully this post will help some players unlock content they otherwise wouldn’t be able to, just make sure you have the room on your friends list for new neighbors.

How do you feel about NPCs?

One of the few benefits to having NPCs in your town is that it makes it look busier, but is that something you value? This Treehouse of Horror event has brought with it an incredible amount of NPCs. Some were given away for free, others can be purchased with cash, and there are even a few that require spending donuts.

Is it worth it to collect NPCs, or will they just wind up in your inventory?


One zombie was a personal prize, one was a community prize, one can be purchased for $50,000, and the other two will cost you 12 donuts a piece. Unless you’re trying to make your Springfield look more like Woodbury, just enjoy the two zombies you’ve been given for free. Save your money and donuts for something more valuable.

XXIII is the new XXIV

If you missed out on last year’s NPC, now you have a chance to buy them. The Raven (30), Burns Monster (25), and Talking Krusty Doll (60) can all be yours if your willing to part with some of your hard-earned donuts.

Ironically the NPC that cost the most was one of the few that were given away for free last year. In fact it came with the House of Evil, which you can now also buy for the low price of 45 donuts. Yes, that’s 105 donuts worth of content veteran players got last year for no cost at all. Sorry new players.

Sea Life on Land

In addition to all of the other NPCs available this Halloween, we also have King Snorky and the Frog Prince. The dolphin doesn’t swim, and the frog just vomits when you tap on him. Some players might enjoy these odd characters, but mine have a special place in my inventory.

Last Chance for all Halloween Content

Today is the last day of the Treehouse of Horror event. You have less than twenty-four hours to collect GOO, purchase limited-time content, and finish-up Halloween-themed quest lines. Before the clock expires, take this opportunity to stock-up on a few things before they are pulled from the shop.

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Second Chances to Unlock Permanent Tasks

When I first started playing The Simpsons: Tapped Out last year, one thing that bothered me was that I didn’t have Kang in my town. Of course there are several reasons to love this character, but what bothered me most is that it kept Bart from unlocking his ten-minute “Run away with Kang” task.

This was one of the few instances where something was kept from the player, simply because they missed out on limited-time content. Thankfully the developers gave us all a second chance to add Kang to our towns, and this time it didn’t even cost any donuts.

There are however a few pieces of content that appear to be locked away forever, even though there are characters that have permanent tasks at these locations. Perhaps these buildings will be added back into the game with future content updates, similar to Kang. At the very least they should be re-added to the shop, even if they could only be purchased with donuts.
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Triffids, it’s not the end of the world

If you plant Triffids at Cletus’s Farm the reward is the “End of Humanity”, which is a bit of misnomer. Planting this crop will actually just reward you with 250 XP, but no money. So why the subterfuge?

It’s an inside joke for those who are familiar with the novel The Day of the Triffids. This fictitious plant can move under its own power, is carnivorous, and highly venomous. However nowadays “triffids” have simply become a colloquial term for any overgrown or menacing-looking plants.

So if you want to plant these in your Springfield, feel free. This crop is particularly helpful if you’re looking for ways to boost your experience, at the sacrifice of earning income.

The Trouble with Truffles

One of the buildings you’ll need before you can place the Freak Show Tent is the Gilded Truffle. This building requires that you reach level 16, but you will also (likely) need to build everything on this list that precedes it before you’ll get the quest to trigger its construction.

Even though there are many sub-quests to the Halloween event, there is really only one main quest, The Ghost in the Machine-based App.

When I started my new account, I thought that getting 10,000 GOO would be my biggest obstacle in my quest to obtain all of the free Treehouse of Horror content. It turns out I was wrong, as I have no chance of making it to a point where I can placing the Freak Show Tent in my town. I suppose it’s just as well though, it is a pretty useless building.

The Saddest Chalkboard Gag

While I knew that FOX was airing a classic episode in honor of Marcia Wallace, I didn’t expect the tearjerker during the opening credits of tonight’s new episode.

The episode itself was nothing spectacular, but at least we’ll be getting new episodes every week this month. Hopefully one of those episodes will include some sort-of cross-promotion with Tapped Out as we haven’t had one since the beginning of the season.

At the end of the episode there was also a short little clip of Mrs. Krabappel’s famous laugh. “Ha!”

New episode tonight, plus a tribute to Marcia Wallace

Tonight will be the first new episode of the show to air since the Treehouse of Horror XXIV special premiered. The episode is titled “Four Regrettings and a Funeral” and it features two celebrity guests, political commentator Rachel Maddow and football legend Joe Namath.

Even though the episode features a funeral, it is not the focus of the episode. The four regrets refer to the regrets of four different characters: Homer, Marge, Mr. Burns, and Kent Brockman.

The episode meant to kill off a beloved character, likely isn’t this episode. Earlier in the year when this story first dropped, producer Al Jean had said that, “the story will be produced this year though it may air in season 26.” Keep in mind, we have are only a few episodes into season 25 at this point.

Whomever the character is, it won’t be as tragic as the recent passing of Marcia Wallace, the voice of Edna Krabappel. As a tribute to her, “Bart the Lover“, the episode in which she won an Emmy will be broadcast prior to the new episode.

Set your clocks back an hour for DST

If you live an area of the world where daylight savings time is observed, don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour. Most devices connected to the internet tend to make this change automatically, but older clocks will need to be set manually. It is a bit of a chore, but at least you’ll get an extra hour of sleep.

To make this post relevant to The Simpsons, can anyone tell me what episode the screenshot in this post is from? For some bonus points, who are the two other characters?

If you can surmise what Homer is holding onto, you might be able to figure it out. Of course you may just recognize the image instantly, as it is taken from one of the more famous episodes in the history of the show. If not famous, then just one of my personal favorites.

As an aside, I simplified the outlines page by showing just the basic information, rather than spoiling the names of the quests. For the most part I’m working backwards in time, so the next outline should be for Level 34. If anyone has any special requests I would be willing to rearrange things a bit.


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