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Level 39 Insight: There’s No Shopping in Heaven!



The Level 39 Update centers on Apu’s brother, Sanjay, and chronicles their relationship with the “A Perfectly Cromulent Job” storyline. In this story, Apu remains the insanely hardworking man that we all know and love, while Sanjay is portrayed as a hardworking man who pulls 16-hour shifts at the Kwik-E-Mart, but who also has a fun-loving side, too. Basically, Sanjay is more inclined than Apu to “Party Like It’s on Sale for $19.99,” and ride a skateboard. This storyline has an impressive 16 parts to it, which should keep TSTO gamers busy for a little while.

During parts 11 and 13 of “A Perfectly Cromulent Job” storyline [Spoiler?], there are tasks open to the citizens of Springfield. These are like the protest the super-snooper storyline and the St. Patrick’s Day beer celebration that we’ve experienced recently. What’s interesting (to me) about these tasks that are open to seemingly all the characters in the game is that not all the characters in the game are eligible to participate.kwik-e-mart

In this Level 39 storyline, for example, we learn that, according to the EA coders who work on TSTO and the writers, no animals or dead people can take advantage of a sale as good as the “Buy None Get One Free” promotion that nearly ruined Apu before. This time Apu is forced to sell goods “at their actual suggested retail price!” It’s too good to be true! But you know who cannot participate in these deals? Click the read more link to find out!

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Level 39 walkthroughs are up!

green-journalIf you need some assistance guiding your way through this long-awaited level update, check out our latest walkthroughs. As always, you can easily swap between versions with or without dialogue, depending on your preference.


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Oh, brother! Level 39 is finally here!

Level 39 is finally here! So who is joining the party in this update? Apu’s younger brother Sanjay. Oh, and Manjula if you’re willing to dish out 160 donuts. There is also a few decorative additions to Krustyland, as well as a new prize you can earn with friend points, the E.A.R.L. Lighthouse.


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