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President’s Day; Lincoln Strikes back.

Good morning, afternoon, evening depending on where you live, there is a message in-game today advising that Lincoln is available to purchase, until the 18th February to celebrate President’s Day over in the US.
He was last seen during the 4th July update last year, looks like my predictions where a little off, my reputation if I had one is now in tatters, so I am off to write a Pros and Cons page for Lincoln to hopefully redeem myself.


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President’s Day Update

20140211-090108.jpgNow a reliable source “TSTOnews” has revealed some information advising that Lincoln and his cabin will be re-released to celebrate President’s Day, which is on Monday 17th February in America. Lincoln was last available for the 4th of July update last year and cost then 150 donuts; I am expecting EA to keep him at this price.

I am also expecting the US flag to be available to buy again, it cost $5600 last time; although there’s no proof the flag will come back I am stating my reputation on the fact that it will.

Now if those two items are the only content EA are releasing it will be a very small update, so I am speculating there will be something new for older players, probably something donuty and something for $.
But what could we have for Presidents’ Day?

20140211-091248.jpgWell I think George Washington could make an appearance, he was first seen during the Simpsons episode Bart Gets an “F”" way back in 1990 during season 2.
This was actually a special President’s Day episode and if we can have Lincoln in the game why not George Washington, after all he was the 1st official President of America. I also think there will be some red, white and blue balloons as well.

Now; none of the above info is confirmed and most is just speculation so please don’t moan if EA decides not to do a Presidents Day update. If it does happen I guess we should see an update towards the end of the week, Monday at the very latest.


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