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What Have You Done with Your Present Depot?

Heads up! This Christmas your Springfield is under an aerial bombardment – gifts and presents are raining down at an present-depotalarming rate from the great Santa Finger in the sky and from all of your neighbor-eenos.

Conveniently, EA has provided us with a drop zone for these presents to fall. When you visit a neighbor’s Springfield you are immediately taken to their drop zone which is designated by the Present Depot tree type thing (so named, I imagine, because Festivus Pole was already taken). It doesn’t matter where in your Springfield you place your Present Depot, it will now become the de facto center of your town.

Therefore, everyone who visits you this holiday season will be seeing what you’ve done with this area. Did you just placed in the first place you could find? Have you decided to make it a purely utilitarian space? Or, have you gone all out an made it a pleasing location for which the placement of packages is nothing short of a joy for your neighbors?

While initially it may be all about getting the season of giving and receiving under way, it’s important that your Drop Zone makes a good impression, or the Grumple just may leave you a bunch of nothin’! That’s right, your neighbors have already become choosy about to whom they give out their hard earned gift baskets as there are not enough to go around. Gift baskets are precious commodities and you should give yourself a little curb appeal to get your share – and that doesn’t mean decorating with donut related items – it just means being creative and having fun!

So, fellow Tappers, what have you done to spruce up your Present Depot? Let us know with either a description and/or a link to your Drop Zone in the comments section! To give you some ideas, I’ve gathered a few screenshots of some of my neighbor-eeno’s Drop Zones of which I couldn’t help but place gifts…


From the Springfield of ycrad1234


From the Springfield of Tienkerbella128


From the Springfield of KimCheeYummy

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