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Level 38 items – where are they from?

simpsons-conveyorHello there neighbor-eenos! A new level came out a few days ago and by now, you may be wondering about some of the new items for purchase. Here is a list of those buildings and decorations, their origins and everything you want to know about them. In each description, there is a link to a simpsons wiki page for the episode where that item came from, if you ever need you memory refreshed or if you want to look for it in case you haven’t seen it before.

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Should I purchase the Blue Haired Lawyer?

The Blue Haired Lawyer works for Luvum and Burnhamis law firm and is Springfield’s most prominent lawyer. He is known for his blue hair and nasal New York accent, which is voiced by Dan Castellaneta.

He usually appears in the show as one of Mr. Burns lawyers, however he occasionally appears to serve as a prosecutor and is also an active member of the Republican Party.


  • Jobs earn at a premium rate
  • Continues the quest, The Devil Wears Blue
  • Completes the legal eagle set of characters
  • Gives Mr Burns a new task, Dino ride!
  • He’s a voiced character wth some great catchphrases


  • Costs 90 donuts
  • Does not come with a building, even though he has his own office in the show
  • Not a limited time character so no rush in buying him
  • Only has two outdoor tasks which are both quite dull
  • You could buy instead for the same price, the Pet Shop, The Rich Texan or even the Duff Stadium

The Blue Haired Lawyer really does have some good quotes and is a very well voiced character, but is this enough to shell out 90 donuts for him? Probably not! He only has two outdoor visible tasks and both of them are pretty unentertaining, so unless you really want to know how ‘The Devil Wears Blue’ quest pans out without reading the walkthrough I wouldn’t bother purchasing him.

But for those on a budget who are thinking of buying him I would hold off to see what a possible updates Valentine’s Day brings, after all he’s not a limited time character so there’s no rush. If you’re a completionist or have donuts burning a hole in your pocket then I probably wouldn’t be able to dissuade you anyway.


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