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Should I purchase Brandine Spuckler?

Brandine and Cletus

Cletus, Brandine and Spiderpig

When it comes to spending real life money on donuts to get an item or character in a free game, one has a right to ponder if it’s a good idea or not. If you’re looking to spend some of your disposable income on Brandine but you’re not sure if it’s a good deal or not, you’re in the right place. Here is a list of pros and cons to adding her to your Springfield.

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Should I purchase the Blue Haired Lawyer?

The Blue Haired Lawyer works for Luvum and Burnhamis law firm and is Springfield’s most prominent lawyer. He is known for his blue hair and nasal New York accent, which is voiced by Dan Castellaneta.

He usually appears in the show as one of Mr. Burns lawyers, however he occasionally appears to serve as a prosecutor and is also an active member of the Republican Party.


  • Jobs earn at a premium rate
  • Continues the quest, The Devil Wears Blue
  • Completes the legal eagle set of characters
  • Gives Mr Burns a new task, Dino ride!
  • He’s a voiced character wth some great catchphrases


  • Costs 90 donuts
  • Does not come with a building, even though he has his own office in the show
  • Not a limited time character so no rush in buying him
  • Only has two outdoor tasks which are both quite dull
  • You could buy instead for the same price, the Pet Shop, The Rich Texan or even the Duff Stadium

The Blue Haired Lawyer really does have some good quotes and is a very well voiced character, but is this enough to shell out 90 donuts for him? Probably not! He only has two outdoor visible tasks and both of them are pretty unentertaining, so unless you really want to know how ‘The Devil Wears Blue’ quest pans out without reading the walkthrough I wouldn’t bother purchasing him.

But for those on a budget who are thinking of buying him I would hold off to see what a possible updates Valentine’s Day brings, after all he’s not a limited time character so there’s no rush. If you’re a completionist or have donuts burning a hole in your pocket then I probably wouldn’t be able to dissuade you anyway.

Should I purchase the Devil Float?

20140110-090743.jpgNow as far as random crazy decorations go this one is right up there, a Devil float available to purchase at Christmas!! If this had been released at Halloween I would have said fair enough or even at Thanksgiving as it’s a float and I know how most Americans love their floats, but Christmas seriously.
After some consideration I have reluctantly purchased this float for research purposes only so I can assist you guys with some pros and cons for buying it. You guys are starting to cost me more in donuts then my wife does with handbags and shoes!!


  • 2.50% bonus money and XP to all jobs.
  • It will make a good Halloween decoration!
  • It’s only 40 donuts for something a little abstract.


  • It’s not a limited time decoration so no rush.
  • 40 donuts buys a more recognizable decoration, (tire fire, burns limo, channel 6 van, police car)
  • Quite large and not very easy to place doesn’t really go with anything.

After some deliberation I have decided that I actually quite like the Devil float, at first it was a pain in the butt to find a suitable location, but after moving my Mayan stone disk to the natural history museum it’s found a new home amongst my spooky walls.
I think you’ll agree it looks quite good there. If your shy on donuts though I would definitely get the tire fire first as its much more recognizable and easier to place closely followed by Mr Burns limo.

Here’s what I’ve done with mine, if you do decide to purchase the Devil float don’t forget to share some pictures of what you’ve done with it.


Should I purchase the Mr. Sparkle billboard?

Mr_Sparkle_BillboardHey there tappers! The last in-game update brought us a new decoration that will be available only for a limited time: the Mr. Sparkle billboard! It comes from episode 22 of season 8; In Marge We Trust. In the episode, Marge replaces Reverend Lovejoy as the town’s moral adviser while Homer explores the mystery of why his face appears on a Japanese-language box. Here is a link to a clip of the commercial for Mr. Sparkle .

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Should I purchase the Swanky Fish?

swankyfish_menuThe Swanky Fish restaurant was last available during the episode tie-in “What Animated Women Want” which aired on April 14th 2013.

Honestly I am as surprised as you guys probably are at seeing it available to purchase again, I wasn’t expecting this at all. So if you missed it last time here’s a second chance for you to buy it, or will you be saving those precious donuts for the level 38 update? Here’s some pros and cons to help you decide.


  • Another swanky restaurant which adds to your gluttony rating.
  • It’s a limited time building and may not back again to buy.
  • It earns you $200 and 22XP every 8 hours which is very nice.
  • Characters that use Swanky fish earn at premium rate.
  • It’s protected so it can’t be accidentally sold.
  • Almost instant build.


  • It’s 90 donuts which means it’s not free!
  • It doesn’t come with a character and only a few characters interact with it.
  • On the rare occasion when it does get used it has a weak animation!
  • No new quest line this time around involving the Swanky Fish.

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It’s early, don’t waste your donuts on the Holiday Wheel!

From what I’ve seen in mentioned in the comments, players are blowing through donuts faster than Homer left alone in the break room. You don’t need to waste your donuts on spin tokens. All you need is patience!

The first personal prize is the Egg Nog Bar, which automatically generates one free spin token every twenty-four hours. Given that the event doesn’t end until Jan. 7th, this will give you roughly twenty-six completely free spins.

If you acquired all of the decorated house façades from last year, there are only 14 unique prizes you can win. For those who are experiencing a Tapped Out Christmas for the first time, there are 28 unique prizes to win, which pretty much gives you a great opportunity to win something new every day.

Sure, you might get a couple of zonks by landing on the a gift card or $1000 cash wedge, but there will always be another opportunity for another free spin tomorrow. You might even come across a spin token by opening presents.

There may be some prizes you desperately want, like the Claus Co building, but is it really worth going through your whole donut budget for something you could have eventually won for free had just waited patiently for your next free spin token to generate? If you’re going to go spin token crazy, do it on Jan. 6th.

P.S. After you collect all 10 personal prizes, every additional 1,000 gift cards will get you another completely free spin token. So if you can breeze through to 30,000 gift cards, odds are you’ll also collect plenty of spin tokens before the event ends.

Should I purchase the Snowmen?

Springfield is once again a Christmas wonderland and with this joyous occasion comes the snow.

Snow is great, as long as you don’t have to drive through it, luckily the roads in Springfield are kept clear by Mr Plow and now the Plow King!! The grass has been covered over in a thick layer of snow which is great if you want to make Snowmen, unfortunately like most good things in Springfield you can’t actually do this. In order to have Snowmen in your town, you’ll have to put your tired hand, into your worn out pockets to see if there is any money left in your battered wallet to purchase donuts. After an expensive Halloween this may not be possible for some.

I digress, five Snowmen where available to purchase last Christmas, Marge, Lisa, Maggie for $$$ while Homer and Bart were available at 20 donuts each. If you bought these Snowmen last year all is well, they will have “unmelted” and are ready to be used again. However If you missed any last Christmas or simply hadn’t started Tapped Out yet, they are all back again, but this year all of the Snowmen are 20 donuts each. For this Christmas they have added three new Snowmen, Grandpa, Santa’s little helper and snowball.



  • Snowmen add a nice Christmassy touch to the game.
  • They each add a bonus to $, XP or vanity depending on the Snowman.
  • Limited time decorations may not be available again.
  • Animal Snowmen could be used to promote the pet shop and Springfield downs!
  • Don't take up much space so could be hidden during summer to still get bonuses.


  • Cost 20 donuts each
  • They melt so don't look as good after Christmas
  • You can win all of them on Krusty's wheel of chance
  • As a seasonal decoration they look a bit odd during the summer.
  • No animation they just stand there looking cold.

I have all eight of the snowmen and a few spares! I bought the five original snowmen last year and then purchased the remaining three as soon as they were available in the shop. I don't like having an unfinished collection.. But for those who can't afford 180 donuts to collect all eight snowmen don't despair as they are all available to win on Krusty's wheel of chance. I wish I had know this earlier as I now have duplicate snowmen which I can't sell. (Also quite annoying)
If you don't have the patience to try and win them on the wheel and your donuts are burning a whole in your pocket, just buy them they do look nice and even in their melted forms still add bonuses to the game!

I've placed my snowmen outside the Simpsons house and Grandpa at his home! Where have you put yours?


Should I purchase Santa’s Village?

Should you buy Santa’s Village?
I bought my Santa’s Village last Christmas mainly because I wanted the Santa costume for Homer, it’s the same price this year as it was then, 200 donuts which isn’t exactly cheap.
So let’s have a look at some pros and cons for buying or not!


  • It earns $300 a day and 30 XP.
  • Santa Homer earns money and XP at the premium rate.
  • It looks pretty nice surrounded by snow and reindeer.
  • It’s Christmas and Homer looks awesome walking around dressed as Santa.
  • Homers costume has many amusing outside tasks, he even gets to fly a sleigh!
  • It is a limited time building, after Christmas it could be gone for good! Or until next Christmas.


  • Santa’s Village has no animation.
  • It’s pretty expensive at 200 donuts.
  • There is another Santa in town and he is free!
  • Santa Homer won’t help you earn gift cards, Santa Flanders will.
  • No character apart from Homer interacts with Santa’s village and he only has one task there.
  • Homers costume can only really be used for a month, after the snow has gone it looks out of place.

Last year buying Santa’s Village was the only way to have a Santa walk your town this year there is a free option! I would probably only buy this if your collecting Homer costumes or if you have money to burn. It is a nice addition at Christmas time but for the rest of the year its a bit pointless the choice is yours though.

Here’s what I did with my Santa’s Village.

20131211-120128.jpgLet me know if your planning to buy it or perhaps you got it last year!

Should I purchase the Elf Home?

This Christmas special event is packed with items in the spirit of the holiday. More posts about ”Should I purchase…” will be coming but first, let’s take a look at the Elf Home and what you should know if you consider buying it. You can also always visit our ”Purchasing Decisions”  section of the blog located on the right side of the posts for information on items released in the past.


Elf Home logoThe Elf Home has a price tag of 60 donuts. It’s a limited item for the Christmas event. Every 24 hours, you will be able to tap the Elf logo over the house to release elves to collect presents and gift cards across your town. You can build more than one, actually you could have as many of them as you like because it’s not unique. More Elf Houses means more presents and gift cards. Looking at the personal prizes, it looks like the 4th one is an Elf House. Therefore, if you’re holding on to a few precious donuts my best advice would be to wait it out. It’s an Indian burial ground on Halloween type thing from what I understand.

Should I purchase ANYTHING?

When your face is pressed against the glass of the display window at FAO Schwarz, eventually you’re going to give-in to temptation and buy something. It’s going to be the best toy you ever purchased, until a week later when its thrown into a pile with all of your old toys. It won’t take long before it just blends in with everything else in your toy chest. Once you buy one shiny new toy, you’re going to want more, and soon you’ll find yourself back at that display window coveting something new.

The premium items in The Simpsons: Tapped Out have the same allure. Sure, some items are always available, but the ones that are only available for a limited-time are the quickest to catch your eye. You wouldn’t be so swift to purchase premium content if it was all available forever anytime you wanted it.

If an item appears in the shop that will only be around for a few weeks, you’re far more likely to play fast and loose with your credit card. After all, if you don’t buy it now, you’ll lose out, and in most instances there are no second chances.

Showing Off

The benefits premium items give only affect your town, but they all come with hidden sub-text: envy. Your neighbors can visit your town and see all of your premium content in all its splendor, making them wish their town was a cool as yours. It may not be something we think of consciously, but it plays a small role in why we purchase premium content.

Financial Reality

You might feel really good about the premium content you purchased. Maybe your town is designed more-or-less how you want it, and maybe you have more characters walking around and doing jobs with really fun animations. Besides, if you play the game everyday, why not throw down $20 every month or so?

If you can stomach a cruel reality check, I challenge you to take a look at your transaction history.

This will differ depending on whether you’re playing on iOS or Android, but you should be able to go back and see a list of everything you purchased. Really take the time to add everything up. How many times have you bought a Truckload of 300 Donuts, or Golden Scratch-R tickets. Get out a calculator or make a spreadsheet and add it all up. How much have you really spent on donuts?

Have you spent more than $100 on the game? Is the number closer to $500 or perhaps even more? If it is, seeing the reality of those numbers in front of you may make you reconsider spending any more money on the game. Before you may have rationalized it as an investment in a game that you enjoy, but maybe now you’ll see it as a waste of money on a game that can actually be played for free.


You’re free to spend your disposable income however you please, but if you work hard for your money, you may want to reconsider spending it on donuts. The Christmas update is approaching and there will definitely be new and exclusive content added that will certainly tempt your wallet, but stay strong! Either that or ask Santa for lots of iTunes / Play Store gift cards.


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