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DON’T Buy The Chest Of Sacred Artifacts!

Stonecutter Emblem Stonecutter Emblem Stonecutter Emblem Stonecutter Emblem Stonecutter Emblem Stonecutter Emblem Stonecutter Emblem Stonecutter Emblem Stonecutter Emblem

Hello fellow sky fingers! PlatypusGuitar here to give you a tip to save yourself some sugar fried circles: don’t buy the chest of sacred artifacts! You will earn one for free during the Stonecutter event quests. It unlocks after earning 6500 Stonecutter Emblememblems to be exact. This is exactly like Halloween when we got a wailing wall and Christmas when we got the Elf Home. Those items will generate the event currency thus helping you towards your goals but you have a choice to only get the freebie or spend money. Hey! That rhymes!

If you do want to buy more, be my guest and spend 55 donuts. After the event is over this item will probably give either a bonus multiplier or earn some cash and XP.

Stonecutter Emblem Stonecutter Emblem Stonecutter Emblem Stonecutter Emblem Stonecutter Emblem Stonecutter Emblem Stonecutter Emblem Stonecutter Emblem Stonecutter Emblem


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Music From The Simpsons – Spinal Tap

Hello there Tapperinos! Aunt Platy here taking a break from level 41 to talk about music from The Simpsons. It’s been a while since my last installment from this series. We were all busy with the Easter event and new levels and now that things are slowing down I’m going back to this musical themed post relating to the TV show that inspired this life ruiningly fun game with one of my favorite bands of all time: Spinal Tap!

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Should I buy The Duff Party Liner?

Hello there Big Sky Fingers! Are you enjoying the new level so far? I am and I hope you are too. With level 41 came 2 premium items: Chester Dupree and the Unfinished Shed and the Duff Party Liner.  As everyone knows, you just can’t get enough of that Duff! Since The Simpsons Tapped Out started, EA has blessed us with several Duff related items: Duffman and the Duff Brewery, the Duff racerthe Duff Stadium, the Duff Party Bus, the Duff Blimp and the Barney-Duff Blimp, the Duff Pavilion in Krustyland, the Duff mascots topiarys  and now, this! Like most Duff items in TSTO, this last addition to the Duff collection is premium. When a Big Sky Finger is about to spend hard-earned cash on donuts for a virtual item, this Big Sky Finger has a right to wonder if it’s a good purchase. That’s why you come here and read my posts, isn’t it? Now Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to adding the Duff Party Liner to your Springfield.

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Should I Buy Chester Dupree And The Unfinished Shed?

Happy level 41 my fellow Tappers! As predicted a few days ago, a mysterious new character made its way to the game and his name is Chester Dupree. While we are all under the impression that we never heard of him before, it turns out Dr. Hibbert mentioned him in his unlock message.

When it comes to spending hard-earned ca$h on donuts to buy stuff in a game, you have a right to ponder if the juice is worth the squeeze, yo. This Chester guy with his unfinished shed is a permanent addition so there is no rush but if you’re wondering whether you wanna buy him or not, let’s take a look at some pros and cons. Yo.

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The Simpsons Season Finale After-Thoughts

Hello tapperinos! Did you watch the season finale last night? The yellow badge of Cowardge aired last night, Sunday May 18th at 8pm on Fox. It was rumored for several months that during season 25, a character was going to die. Permanently, unlike what happened to Brian in Family Guy. Well…

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Should I Buy Macaroni’s Shed?

Here is the post my fellow tappers have been waiting for since the episode tie-in update for The Yellow Badge of Cowardge hit TSTO yesterday. When it comes to spending real life money on donuts to buy items in a game, one has a right to wonder if this purchase is worth it. Let’s take a look at Macaroni’s Shed and see if it’s worth the 30 donuts.

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The Yellow Badge of Cowardge Episode Tie-In

Hello Tapperinnos! Looks like an update just hit our Springfields in relation with the season finale episode: The Yellow Badge of Cowardge! You can go to your device and download the update right now. As always, you can count on us to bring you all the info about the items available for a limited time as well as for the walk-through, which will all be posted soon. I have to warn you that there are SPOILERS  after the break so if you’re not ready to see the new items yet, you know what to do! If you are curious though, click the link and find out…

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16 Animals and Pets of Springfield

While reading a post by my friend and college Raventhief earlier, it gave me an idea to write a post about the animals in Springfield. Quite a few have made it into our games and I’m sure EA has more of them to come in the future. Let’s take a look at some of these animals and pets. Some of them already made it to tapped out!

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Should I buy the Sumatran Century Flower?

How-diddly-ho neighboreenos! When it comes to spending real world money on a virtual item in a game, one has a right to wonder if said item is worth the donuts. As always, we got you covered with our premium purchase guide. Today’s item in question: the sumatran century flower! Before we get into the pros and cons of making this purchase, here’s a little history about where it came from.

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