Should I purchase Sherri & Terri?

These troublesome twins are now available to add to your Springfield, providing you’re willing to cough up 150 donuts. It is important to notethat although these are two individuals, they act as one character for all of their tasks. As with all premium characters, they do earn money and XP at a higher rate than other characters, which is always nice when you’re trying to progress through the game.


  • Unique, only instance of two characters always acting as one
  • A majority of their tasks are outdoors, so you’ll see some fun animations
  • Once you have built Springfield Elementary, all of their tasks are unlocked
  • They have seven tasks of varying length, which is more than most characters have


  • Expensive
  • They are not voiced
  • They do not come with a building

Sherri & Terri

60m$10526Mock OthersSpringfield Elementary
2h$17540Play a Duet
4h$26070Use Their Secret Language
8h$420105Torment BartSpringfield Elementary
12h$600150Do the Creepy Twin Stare
16h$750200Cry to Get What They Want24h$1,000225Text in Twin-Speak

Thoughts on Kamp Krusty

kamp-krustyPrior to its release, many people thought Kamp Krusty might have its own map, similar to Krustyland. When it was released however, players discovered it was just another premium building. In addition to a seven-part quest line, buying Kamp Krusty unlocked Bart’s first costume, “Kamp Bart”. The building itself is rather lack-luster, though it does fit in well amongst a heavily wooded area. What makes this a hard sell is the price, which is a hefty 200 donuts.

The timing of this release really wasn’t the best, as it came out with the Level 32 update which focused on several of the child characters anyway. Trying to balance both of these events simultaneously tended to result in half of the characters you needed to advance one story, being occupied with another. What do you think of Kamp Krusty? Are you glad it’s just a standalone building, or would you have liked to see this as its own dedicated map? If it had its own map, it wouldn’t have to be a very large area, maybe just something as small as 5 × 5 grid would have worked well to accommodate a nice summer camp.


The second premium character added with the Level 21 update was Otto, complete with a broken down school bus that he may or may not be living out of. He costs double the amount of donuts as Kearney, though he does come with a building of sorts. If you’re willing to pay 120 donuts you can add the School Bus and Otto to your town. After you purchase him, you’ll be treated to the following six-part quest line.

Even if you haven’t purchased Otto, it is worth it to read through his quest dialogue. It’s nice to read these exchanges outside of the game, when you’re not in such a rush to complete the next task.

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The first content update added four new buildings and four new characters to the game: Kearney, Martin, Nelson, and Otto. Coincidentally, all of the characters added in at Level 21 have the ability to travel to Krustyland. Two of these characters costs donuts to unlock, Kearney being one of them. Should you choose to purchase this character for 60 donuts, here is the quest line you will receive.

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Fruit-Bat-Man Pt. 1 – 5

Ben Affleck has been cast as the new Batman, and many fans of the character do not feel confident in this casting decision. From the uproar you would think he has been chosen to be successor to an actual superhero, not just playing a part in a movie. I can understand the trepidation in casting him as the lead in a superhero film, because we all remember the last time that happened.

All of this Batman news reminded me of the episode “Dark Knight Court”, where Mr. Burns assumed a Batman-esque persona, Fruit-Bat-Man. A cross-promotional event was added to the game on March 14, 2013 and rewarded everyone with a free decoration, the Fruit-Bat Signal. However, the Fruit-Bat costume for Mr. Burns had to be purchased with donuts, 90 donuts to be precise.

If you missed out on this event, here is a quick run through of the quests you received after purchasing the costume.

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Should I Buy the Itchy and Scratchy Mascots?

mascotsKrustyland has a total of three mascots available, and two of them require that you spend donuts to add them to your amusement park. The one that doesn’t require donuts is Poochie, who costs just 2,500 tickets. You only need one of these mascots in your park, and that is only because it is required to move the quest line along.

These three mascots are non-playable characters, and they offer no bonuses whatsoever. All they do is walk around the park, that’s it. The only benefit to purchasing the Itchy and Scratchy mascots is to complete the Krustyland Mascot character set, which does get you something. Of course you could just enjoy the characters. Generally speaking though, NPCs aren’t the best investment.


  • They have voices, unlike most NPCs
  • You can with them as prizes if you try your luck with a Laffy Meal


  • They do not earn any tickets
  • They are too expensive at 60 donuts a piece
  • They will not increase any stat on your Krust-O-Meter

Broadcast Options at Channel 6

Channel 6 is one of the few buildings in the game that allow you to choose which task to run, as oppose to simply repeating the same set task over and over. There are now seven programming options available at the station, though four of them require the purchase of premium content. Do not feel obligated to make these purchases though, as you can maximize your output without these extras.

To get a better understanding of the different broadcast options, let’s take a look at them individually.

Channel 6

Weather Report$180$4009060mWeather Station
Live News Report$670$1,5003504hChannel 6 News Van
Regular Programming$670$1,5004008h
Worldwide News$1,600$3,50075012hWorldwide Broadcast Dish
Channel 6 News$1,200$2,75070016h
Channel Ocho$2,200$5,0001,25024hBumblebee Man
Broadcasting Arnie Pye$3,400$7,5002,1002dArnie Pye

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Smart tips to save you money, and your donuts

Early in the game it was compelling to buy any new content, especially buildings or characters. After all, the more characters you have in your town the faster you can earn money and experience. That’s just science. Unfortunately it’s also economics, and if you continually drop $20 or more every few weeks on premium content you’re going to find that you’ve spent way too much on content you probably won’t get much use out of down the line.
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Arnie Pye In the Sky Pt. 1 – 6

arnie_pyeArnie Pye is a premium character that comes with his own six part quest line, should you choose purchase him. If you decide to purchase him you will unlock another program option at the Channel 6 building, “Broadcasting Arnie Pye” which costs $3400 to start, takes 2d to complete, and will net you $7500 and 2100XP each time this task is completed.

Remember, if you are planning on purchasing Arnie Pye you’ll need 85 donuts to do so. He’ll always be available, so there isn’t necessarily any rush to pick-up this character. Unless you are impatient and a completionist.

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Level 33 Content Update Has Arrived

Springfield has expanded quite a bit this past year, and a town this big needs more than just one police officer. This updates adds Eddie & Lou to the game was well a few new items, buildings, premium items, and of course a new quest line. If you’re willing to spend some donuts you can also unlock a new character, Arnie Pye, atraffic reporter for Channel 6 news.

Aside from Arnie Pye, who costs 85 donuts to purchase there are a few other premium items up for your consideration. If you would like another NPC dog in your town that does nothing but bark when you tap on it, the K9 Officer is available for 45 donuts. If you like exorbitantly priced premium decorations, then consider Little Lady Justice which costs 75 donuts and nets you a 2.75% bonus.

The Sun Sphere building cost $750,000 and takes three days to build. On the bright side (get it?) at least it doesn’t cost any donuts. If you’re low on cash, save this build for another time as it isn’t essential to the new quest line.

Snake starts off the primary quest line, Bad Cops. If you’re wondering if should keep Wiggum out of Krustyland for a while, you probably should, as he’ll be an important part of this quest line. The Crackdown quests (which appear after Bad Cops Pt. 5) are going to require a lot of characters as well, so when you get to this stage of the game you may just want to put Krustyland tasks off for a bit while you finish up this storyline.
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