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What are the prizes, and how soon can I earn them?

There are ten prizes to earn and approximately four weeks to earn them all. By collecting gift cards which can be found inside of presents, you will be able to work towards your goal. Presents randomly appear in your town. The longer you are away from the game, the more presents you will find when you get log back in.

Of course you can’t stay away too long. Don’t expect to be away for days and have hundreds of presents waiting for you. No, this system works similar to how guests automatically generate tickets for you when visiting Krustyland.

You can also collect gift cards by visiting your neighbors, something that is now even easier to do thanks to a clever innovation by the developers. So if you want all of those prizes, make sure to visit your neighbors this season! Hopefully all of your friends are participating in the event, otherwise it might be time to find some new neighbors.

A full list of the prizes, as well as the number of gift cards you will need to unlock them is posted after the break. For those who play everyday, this should be a breeze, particularly if you take the time to visit your neighbors. Just keep an eye on the Present Depot, as that’s where most of the presents will accumulate.
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