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Should I purchase Otto and the school bus?


This post is to help you decide if it’s worth spending donuts on Otto and the school bus. But first, let’s take a look at the character.

Otto Mann is voiced by Harry Shearer. He is Springfield Elementary’s school bus driver. As a typical stoner (has a 30 min task to ”Take a smoke break”)he’s very much into rock music. His walkman seems to follow him everywhere and he often makes an appearance in episodes where a rock show takes place. For instance, he met his fiancé at Woodstock 99 and you can see him rocking out with Bart’s guitar here.

Simpsons_Otto_Bartspinal tap simpsons

Now, when it comes to spending real world money on donuts to purchase a virtual object in a free game, you may wanna list the pros and cons before making a decision. Otto comes in a building combo with the school bus for the price of 120 donuts and can be acquired from level 1.  This is actually the least expensive character + building combo available after Jub-Jub and the pet store. I think Otto is better because he has several tasks as opposed to Jub-Jub who only has one: Tongue flick for 12 hours.  Also, he earns 50% more than regular characters on his tasks and you can send him to Krustyland. Four out of six of his Springfield tasks are visual and he is voiced! The school bus looks nice and it’s a medium size, not too hard to find a spot for. It makes a great addition next to Springfield Elementary. You need Otto to complete the ”School workers” collection and get a cash and xp bonus.

Here is a list of his jobs, their lenght and time and all that jazz.

Job nameIncomeExperienceTimeRequiresVisual?
Smoke BreakMoney60XP1530mSpringfield ElementaryCheck
Work on the BusMoney105XP2660mSchool BusCheck
Jam on the GuitarMoney260XP704hSchool BusCheck
Get Guitar RestrungMoney420XP1058hKing Toot’sNope
Sleep it OffMoney600XP15012hSchool BusCheck
Squat in the Brown HouseMoney1000XP22524hBrown HouseNope

Krustyland Jobs

Job nameIncomeExperienceTimeRequiresVisual?
Ride the Death DropKrustylandticket18XP1530mDeath DropNope
Visit Duff PavilionKrustylandticket31XP2660mDuff PavilionNope
Tour The Haunted CondoKrustylandticket126XP1008hKrusty’s Haunted CondoNope
Ride Scratchy’s Flea DipperKrustylandticket180XP15012hScratchy’s Flea DipperNope
Stay at Krustyland HotelKrustylandticket300XP22524hKrustyland HotelNope

In conclusion I would say Otto and the school is an excellent buy. With a tray of 132 donuts, you can acquire him at a ”reasonnable” price and have a little leftover for premium decorations. I can guarantee he will add a lot of fun to your game.



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