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At long-last, a character locator has been added!

One of the most requested features has finally been added to the game, a character locator! You will now see this icon in the top-left-hand corner of your screen, and by tapping it will take you to any character not currently on task.

It does prioritize characters who have quests for you, and you will notice that when the magnifying glass icon changes to an exclamation point icon, as seen in the picture to your left. This new feature is going to make life so much easier for players, especially those at the level cap.

Additionally, if your character has wandered off the map and has been missing for several months, this tool will help you find them. The issue where characters will try to break through the invisible barriers, by wandering to the edge of the ocean or through the mountains has unfortunately not been fixed, in fact it may have gotten worse. So if you’re having trouble finding someone, just tap this new icon and your problems will be solved!

Are you surprised that this feature was added? Was it what you expected? You can’t find specific characters, but finding characters who are just wandering around is certainly a welcome addition.

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Travel Made Easy, a new feature

Traveling to your neighbors towns has just been made even easier. Instead of backing out to the map, you can just tap on the left or right destination arrows to be taken to a different neighbor’s town. This should dramatically speed-up the gift-giving part of this holiday-themed update.

It’s always nice to see the developers take the time to address concerns and improve the overall functionality of the game for players. Will this new improvement encourage you to visit your neighbors more often? What’s that? You don’t have enough neighbors? Well add your name to this list, and add the user names of others to your town too. It’s never too late to get social.


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