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What have you done with your Three-Eyed Sushi?

What have you done with the 三つ目寿司 building? Has it found a home on your boardwalk, or is space still a bit too cramped to think about adding expanding the seaside delicacy options? Ideally the quest to unlock this item should be completed before Tuesday, which consider how short it is, shouldn’t be a problem.

Design by feelingblind

Design by feelingblind

If you’re having trouble getting this quest to trigger, remember that Homer initiates this set of quests. You’ll also need Lisa free, but not until the second part.

Below are some Three-Eyed Sushi design placements by some other players; primarily the readers of this blog who asked to be added to my (now maxed out) friend list. Maybe your town has been featured, and if not maybe these designs will inspire you.

Even if you haven’t started building the Squidport yet, don’t worry. This building will automatically be placed in your inventory when the quests are complete. So if you thought you had to rush through building Squidport just to get this limited-time building, take your time. Three-Eyed Sushi will be waiting to be placed once you’re ready.
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What have you done with the Spinster City Apartments?

For those of you who are enjoying the addition of Patty and Selma to your town, what have you done with their humble abode, the Spinster City Apartments? When it comes to placing new buildings into a town, it can be a bit tricky. First of all it requires the free space to place it. After that, figuring out where you want in your town could take some time, on top of the time it takes to decorate as well.

If you’re still struggling for design ideas, expand this post to see eight different examples of the Spinster City Apartments incorporated into various players ever-growing Springfield.

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What have you done with the Simpson House?

The oft requested “What have you done with…” posts are going to start again as a feature on this blog. As an inaugural post it seems appropriate to ask, what have you done with the first building you place in the game, the Simpson House? Have you paired it with the Kiddie Pool and Homer’s Hammock? Are you keeping with tradition and placing it between Flanders House and the Brown House? Is the backyard fenced in, or is it a bit more open?

Show me what you’ve done with the Simpson House by posting a screenshot to Flickr, by tweeting a reply to @TSTOgame, or just leave a comment in this post. As the images come in I’ll update this post accordingly. If you’re in a screenshot taking mood, show me what you’ve done with Springfield Elementary too, as that will be the building of note for the next feature.

Simpson House

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