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When life gives you a Lemon Tree

Miss Springfield is sweet on sour.

Miss Springfield is sweet on sour.

Every six you’ll get a taste of Sweet Sweet Lemonade, which translates into $200 and 20 XP. That is if you’re lucky enough to find one of these exclusive decorations inside a Mystery Box.

You can’t buy one with cash or donuts, you just have to be lucky enough to find one inside of a Mystery Box. That is the only way you’ll be able to add this decoration to your town.

You only have a 10% chance of finding a Lemon Tree, so you might earn it early on, or it might take you several months. It really depends on how lucky you are. Once you do get a Lemon Tree, that’s it. Each player is only allowed to have one of these in their town, so find a special place for yours.

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Suspicious crash after finding donuts in a Mystery Box

Today was rough. It was just one of those days where nothing seemed to go your way, but hey, at least you can escape into a video game for a few moments. So you launch the game and the Daily Play Combo prompt appears. It’s time to open a Mystery Box. You know the drill, it’s probably just going to be a newspaper dispenser, some large hedges, or even more wooden fences. This time it’s different, when you open the box you find ten donuts inside!

Maybe things aren’t so bad after all. Then a few seconds later “BAM!”, the game crashes. You hope those donuts are still there, but when you relaunch the game, nothing saved. You get another chance to open a Mystery Box, but there aren’t any donuts to find this time.

Please don't crash.

Please don’t crash.

Has this happened to you? It has happened to me on more than one occasion, and several other users have reported the same issue. This “bug” has been around for a while now, but it never gets fixed. Do you think something fishy is going on? The most you can do in this situation is contact the EA Help Center and hope they are sympathetic to your plight.

Free Donuts

donutsFree donuts are hard to come across in the game, but there are some ways to earn them. If you save up all of the free donuts you’ve earned, you might even be able to buy yourself something nice down the road. So how many ways are there to earn free donuts? More than you might think, but most of them require long-term play and the patience to actually save them. If you only have a couple of donuts, you might be inclined to buy something cheap or rush a task, but if you hold-off on small purchases, you could eventually get something worth your while.
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