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Should I purchase the Museum of Natural History?

Some museums are free and open to the public. The Springfield Museum of Natural History is not one of those museums. If you would like to add this bit of culture to your town, it’s going to set you back 100 donuts.

So with a building this expensive, surely it must come with a quest line, or at least have a character or two that can visit it regularly. Nope. It just takes up space. On the bright side at least it looks nice.

  • This building increases your indolence rating by 10 points
  • It fits in nicely with the other education-themed buildings in the game


  • No characters ever interact with this building
  • The asking price of 100 donuts is a bit too high considering its lack of value
  • This building doesn’t come with a quest line, nor do any characters interact with it
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