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Married to the Blob – Episode Review

The Simpsons is at its best when it combines comedy, social commentary, and heart. This episode managed to incorporate all three of these elements perfectly. That’s not to say it is a flawless episode, but it is certainly one of the best of the season.

In the latest episode tie-in for the game, we were able to learn more about Kumiko. She is a manga artist, who is using the sad town of Springfield as a source of inspiration. When Stan Lee encourages Comic Book Guy to ask her out, they find out that they have actually have a lot in common.

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Should I purchase the Mr. Sparkle billboard?

Hey there tappers! The last in-game update brought us a new decoration that will be available only for a limited time: the Mr. Sparkle billboard! It comes from episode 22 of season 8; In Marge We Trust. In the episode, Marge replaces Reverend Lovejoy as the town’s moral adviser while Homer explores the mystery of why his face appears on a Japanese-language box. Here is a link to a clip of the commercial for Mr. Sparkle .

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Episode Tie-In for “Married to the Blob” released!

In case you missed the announcement, an episode tie-in to Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons titled “Married to the Blob” has just been released. Once you trigger a conversation that starts with Lisa you will be given a brand-new character for your town, Kumiko. She is the central character of the episode’s story, so to find out more about her you’ll have to watch the show. As an additional bonus, a couple of premium limited-time premium items have also had their way into the shop.

The Swanky Fish was available during an episode tie-in last April, for the episode “What Animated Woman Want”. It still has a 90 donut price tag. The other new item is a billboard which features the iconic mascot, Mr. Sparkle. This item costs 30 donuts and provides a 0.75% bonus. Odds are these items will only be available until Monday, so act quick if you want to add this content to your town.

If you missed the update in my previous post, the complete guide for Kumiko’s quest line has been posted in abridged and unabridged form. It’s a short, three part quest, which you’ll likely breeze through today if you were able to start it right away.


60m Eat America’s Saddest Fast Food Krusty Burger
4h Kawaii!
8h Sketch Springfielders
12h Ogle Nerd Candy Android’s Dungeon
24h Watch Monkey Trauma Center Marathon Simpson Home

Episode Highlights from “YOLO”

Last night a new episode of the The Simpsons premiered. Rather then delve too much into the specifics of the episode, I’d rather just touch on some of the highlights. This is after all a gaming blog, not a television blog.

If you’re like me, when you see a new episode you imagine the opportunities the developers could have had with Tapped Out.

We could have had…
Towards the end of the episode Homer crashes into the “tallest building in Springfield”, an item I immediately wish we had in-game. Of course, we have enough over-sized vanity items in the game, but the design is really cool. Perhaps that is because it is modeled after the actual tallest man-made structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa, a skyscraper located in Dubai.

Did you notice…
Principal Skinner closes his laptop, but before he does we get a glimpse of the web-site he was browsing. It is a Japanese web page, that plays the same music as the Mr. Sparkle commercial.

This was the first episode to feature Mrs. Krabappel since the death of Marcia Wallace. Now we know that “retiring her character” means that they won’t produce any further episodes with Edna, but anything already finished will air.