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Should I buy the Chicken Coop?

Hello there you medieval sky finger! *Tips hat* My lady! *Bows* I’m really into the current theme, can you tell? The big nerd inside me is uncontrollably excited about it! This event is filled with content and as usual, some of them are premium. You’re probably wondering which ones are worth the donuts and which […]

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Walkthrough for “Clash of Clones” now online

Well… the first third is now online. This is a very long quest, but it is conveniently broken-up into thirds. The rest of the walkthrough will be posted over the course of the weekend, but for now enjoy the “Prince and The Premise Pts. 1 – 12″ by following the link below.       “Clash of Clones” […]

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What do you think of the Clash of Clones event?

The content drought is finally over, but are you happy with the content added to the game? Clearly, something like this wasn’t what anyone expected as its the first major event not centered around any specific aspect of the show. Its entirely original, and for some people that’s actually a deal-breaker. This has nothing to […]

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Free 15 donut gift for players

If you started playing the event before today, you should have received this notification when you logged in today. This is certainly a nice way to start off an event. A new event, more land, free donuts? EA, my dear I do believe you’re trying to get back into our good graces. You know we […]

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Gold doesn’t deplete, it’s cumulative

You don’t actually spend gold, everything you earn is cumulative. This is counter-intuitive to how every other currency works in the game, so I’ll try using an analogy to better explain how this works. Honestly, I didn’t realize this until very recently. How Gold Works If you are 6′ 2″ and want to go on […]

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Take Revenge against all Invaders

One of the newest, most exciting features of this update is the ability to attack random towns. This revolutionizes the social aspect of the game because you are no longer just limited to your short-list of 100 neighbors. Now you can attack any random player with the tap of a single icon! Just tap the […]

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Advanced Battle Strategies

Generally in events such as these, everyone always wants to know two things: What is best for me, and what is best for my neighbors? Should I attack? Should I defend? Should I just let my buildings get destroyed and repair them? Should I send one nerd out to attack one building, or send a […]

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Elixir Wednesday! Time to upgrade your castle!

Every Wednesday the ability to buy elixir directly from the shop unlocks. These are donut purchases, so freemium players feel free to ignore this post, or read on to see what you’re missing out on. Elixir doesn’t unlock personal prizes though, gold does. Speaking of personal prizes though, the sixth price is an Elixir Bundle. […]

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Woohoo! MORE LAND! Add Friends!

Hello my dear tapperinos! The days of boredom and endless sales on old stuff are behind us because we received and update today for a 48 days long event involving barbarians and a whole bunch of medieval stuff! To me, it sounds like all that whining we, the players did online finally paid off. It’s […]

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How do nerds work in Clash of the Clones?

New events tend to be a bit complicated, so we’re going to do what we can to minimize that confusion by explaining one particular aspect of this event: nerds. Simply put, nerds are your soldiers during this event; they attack other castles. In this event you will eventually build three different types of castles: Barbarian, […]

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