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How does Marge the Witch speed up a crop?

marge-cropIf you decided to purchase the Cauldron, you’ll also get the Marge the Witch costume. One of her jobs, specifically her 4h job, allows her to “Speed up a crop” on Cletus’s Farm. So how does this work?

If you choose to speed up a crop, you will shave four hours off of the harvest time. This is only recommended to be used on crops that take longer than four hours to complete, so the first crop that could really benefit from the magic of Marge the Witch is Silvertongue, which normally takes eight hours to grow before being ready to harvest.

In the instances of Moonshine, which normally takes twenty-four hours to harvest, you could have it ready in half the time. The catch is that you would have to send use her “Speed up a crop” job three time in a row.

4 × 3 = 12
24 – 12 = 12

It might seem a bit complicated, but when used properly it can prove to be incredibly useful.

More Examples

If you use on it a crop like Tomacco, which normally takes sixty minutes to complete, Marge The Witch will reduce the time to just thirty minutes. So while you’ll have your Tomacco crop that much sooner, you’ll still have her on task for another three and a half hours. Any new crops planted while she is still on task will have their time reduced by four hours. The only exception is Tomacco as the harvest time is reduced by 50% instead of by four hours.

This works with all crops, even Corn. Actual Corn. The difference however is negligible, because shaving four hours off a task that takes ninety days isn’t that beneficial. Theoretically you could just keep sending Marge The Witch on this task, and reduce the time to just forty-five days.

Some users have reported this doesn’t work, but in my testing the timer never jumped backed up after Marge The Witch completed her task. The harvest time always decreased.
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Should I purchase the Cauldron?

The Cauldron is more than just a festive decoration, it also unlocks the Marge The Witch costume. Last year this premium item would have cost you 90 donuts, but its price this year has been reduced to 75 donuts. So is worth the trouble to make the fire burn and caldron bubble?


  • She earns money and XP at the premium rate
  • Her 16h “Trick-or-Treating” task will earn 8 GOO
  • The Cauldron provides 2.25% bonus money and XP to all Jobs
  • Not only do you get a costume, but you get a nice decoration as well
  • She has the unique ability of being able to “Speed Up a Crop” on Cletus’s Farm
  • When Lisa “Goes Trick or Treating” she is in a witch costume too, which is a nice sentiment


  • You may want to save your donuts for something else
  • The costume does not come with its own quest line like it did last year

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