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The Saddest Chalkboard Gag

While I knew that FOX was airing a classic episode in honor of Marcia Wallace, I didn’t expect the tearjerker during the opening credits of tonight’s new episode.

The episode itself was nothing spectacular, but at least we’ll be getting new episodes every week this month. Hopefully one of those episodes will include some sort-of cross-promotion with Tapped Out as we haven’t had one since the beginning of the season.

At the end of the episode there was also a short little clip of Mrs. Krabappel’s famous laugh. “Ha!”

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New episode tonight, plus a tribute to Marcia Wallace

Tonight will be the first new episode of the show to air since the Treehouse of Horror XXIV special premiered. The episode is titled “Four Regrettings and a Funeral” and it features two celebrity guests, political commentator Rachel Maddow and football legend Joe Namath.

Even though the episode features a funeral, it is not the focus of the episode. The four regrets refer to the regrets of four different characters: Homer, Marge, Mr. Burns, and Kent Brockman.

The episode meant to kill off a beloved character, likely isn’t this episode. Earlier in the year when this story first dropped, producer Al Jean had said that, “the story will be produced this year though it may air in season 26.” Keep in mind, we have are only a few episodes into season 25 at this point.

Whomever the character is, it won’t be as tragic as the recent passing of Marcia Wallace, the voice of Edna Krabappel. As a tribute to her, “Bart the Lover“, the episode in which she won an Emmy will be broadcast prior to the new episode.

Marcia Wallace, Voice of Mrs. Krabappel, Dies at 70

Marcia Wallace, the woman who voiced of one of the most iconic animated educators has passed away today. Al Jean, executive producer of The Simpsons went on record saying “we intend to retire her irreplaceable character”.

Earlier this year, producers said that they had intended to kill off a major character in the upcoming season. Jean said that Wallace’s character was not the one slated to die.

Obviously this is very sad news, not only for the loss of a human life, but for all the fans of her work. How do you feel about the decision to retire her character? If it is done in the show, do you think she should be removed from Tapped Out as well?

Source: Variety