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When can I invest in a Fleet-A-Pita?

Unless you’ve bought the Cracker Factory, you won’t be able to place a single Fleet-A-Pita in your town. These $5600 food trucks require that you start “The Investorettes Pt. 1″ before you can unlock them. The problem is that particular quest is the sixth part of Luann’s fourteen-part story line. It’s a shame, because each truck gives a 2 point boost to your Gluttony rating.

There is also a Krustyland variant available for 500 tickets, but you can’t even place those until you start “The Investorettes Pt. 4″. It looks like all the decorations for this update are locked behind some kind of pay wall, with the exception of a single Golden Calf Idol.

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Should I purchase the Cracker Factory?

Hopefully you were able to earn a bunch of free donuts during the Treehouse of Horror event because the Cracker Factory is going to cost you big time. If you have the funds available you could always opt to exchange lettuce for donuts, but investing in food-based currency probably isn’t the best idea if you’re on a budget.

Is it worth it to swap lettuce for donuts, for crackers?

This building does come with Lunann, a true highlight of this update. We finally get another female character and she is locked behind a pay wall! Come on EA, we can’t just keeping pretending that when Chief Wiggum cross-dresses in his wife’s clothing that he’s actually Sarah.


  • It come with a character, Luann
  • Every 12h it earns $300 and 30 XP
  • You’ll unlock a job for Kirk, with premium benefits
  • Having this in your town raises your Indolence rating by 10 points
  • You won’t be able to buy any Fleet-A-Pita trucks without this building


  • It’s expensive
  • Luann is not voiced
  • The building itself is rather large, and a bit too boxy

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