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Should I Buy the Duff Beer Fountain?

How are my big sky fingers doing? The last update brought us brand new items for Krustyland, including the Duff Beer Fountain. This premium decoration is one of the few items we can use to make our Krustyland look good. For 10 donuts you may be tempted to go ahead and buy multiples of this […]

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Should I Buy the Unoriginal Log Ride?

Hello there tappers! We have a brand new level with Krustyland items and that’s awesome! It has been such a long time since EA added to the K-Land extension, this is much appreciated. Of course, with every level comes premium items on the menu and today we will take a look at the Unoriginal Log […]

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Premium Item Round-Up, Level 43

On the topic of premium items, my opinion tends to be the same across the board. Donuts are over-priced and to spend so much money on what amounts to very little change in the way the game is played is foolish. Of course I do not have much in the way disposable income, so I […]

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Poof! The Level 43 walkthrough is online!

Just like magic the walkthrough for Level 43 is now available to view online. As usual you can switch between the full-dialogue and abridged versions. Hopefully this will be a treat for those of you still chugging along, or for players who haven’t achieve the maximum level yet. The story gives a little more insight […]

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Has this update reinvigorated your interest in Krustyland?

Since it was introduced, players have been divided on the concept of Krustyland. Having an area completely separate from Springfield opens up many opportunities, but has its own set of limitations. In Krustyland there is plenty of open space since there really isn’t much to the theme park, and only a selection of characters can […]

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Trouble with Sensible Eating

The second part of the “Sensible Eating” quest requires both Eddie and Lou, however many people have noticed that they just don’t want to seem to enter Krustyland. Don’t worry this is not a glitch. In order for these characters to join the fun in Krustyland, you’ll have to complete “The Princess and the Pea-Brain […]

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