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Snowball II – Friendship Level 3

Lisa and Snowball IIHo-diddly-ho neighbor-eenos! Today I’m going to talk about the 3rd level of friendship prize that is none other than Lisa’s best friend: Snowball II! I personalty think it was about time this character was released in the game. Santa’s Little Helper was made available long ago and it was mandatory the EA gives the cat too. Now, if only we could get a real version of Maggie instead of just seeing her on Marge’s 8 hour task, the Simpsons would all be reunited at last! But that’s another post. Let’s take a look at what this kitten means to Tapped Out.

fucked snowball

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Breaking News: Donuts Aren’t Just for Dessert Anymore!

donut-loadingThanks to the diligent tapping of one of our writers, Platypusguitar, our newest update has provided a sweet little surprise. Donuts can now be found in your neighbor’s towns even before completing all five levels of the Friendship update! While the odds do not seem to be as high as they will be once all the levels are completed, these sprinkled desserts are now confirmed on be on the menu for all of us!

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After the Main Course, Donuts for Dessert

Homer Eating Donut FPMost of us are still a good ways off from getting all of the five new items in the latest mini event that uses Friendship Points (let’s just call it the “FP Update”), I don’t know about you, but I am pretty physched about most of these new prizes. However, there has been a persistent rumor that once completed, there may be a chance to win Homer’s favorite fruit and veggie of choice, donuts, while visiting your neighbor-eenos.

You see, in order to keep players tapping away and interested in the game even after all the items have been earned, EA put in a slight chance of winning a donut. The chances are said to be 1 in 200. That may seem small, but it’s certainly a higher chance than winning a donut in Side Show You in Krustyland, or winning any prize on Krusty’s Prize Wheel during the Christmas event! But, seriously, the odds are actually pretty good if you have 100 friends as you could easily win 1 donut per day by visiting everyone on your list since you will have 300 tapping chances to do so!

Here’s how it works:

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Let’s Get to Know the Olmec Head, Señor Xtapolapocetl

The Olmec HeOlmec Headad has been a known quantity in the “unreleased ” items hidden away deep in the files of our games for many months, and has now finally decided to show his face. It is the first prize to be gained through  Friendship (FINK) points in the new level introduced today. You will need to gather 1,000 FP’s or spend 100 donuts. I’d say save your donuts as it has no animation nor does it speak in Spanglish.

But what is this head that needs no corporeal body in the here and now, and where did it come from?

Real Olmec HeadFirst a little history: The Olmec were the first major civilization in Mexico. They lived in the tropical lowlands of south-central Mexico, in the modern-day states of Veracruz and Tabasco, where they invented Hyundai and hot sauce.

The most familiar aspect of the Olmecs is their artwork, particularly the aptly named “colossal heads”. Olmec artworks are considered among ancient America’s most striking….and a wee bit intimidating.

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New Social Currency – SPOILERS!!!

UPDATE: Go to the app store, the android market or your amazon thingie, Valentine is over and the new game update is live for everyone!

FRIENDLY REMINDER: If you would like to find some neighbor-eenos please visit our social section by tapping the handshake logo on the menu to the right or click this link.

Good morning fingers! At the time of writing these lines, love is still in the air in Springfield. The event was to officially end over 24 hours ago but still no update to chase that wheel of friendship away. In the mean time, our friend spAnser at TSTOnews brought us a few spoilers from the files. It looks to be a permanent addition rather than just an event according to him. If you’re curious, continue reading after the break!


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Our Hearts are Still Beating – for now…

Update: Despite the new “Level” being released, you can still play for hearts as this is NOT a mandatory update as of yet. In order to update you must either go to the App Store or the Android Market or Amazon. Good luck getting the prizes you want and need!

The anointed hour of Midnight Pacific Time (USA), which should have signaled the end of the Valentine’s Day event, came and went without an update Heart beatappearing in-game or in the App store. So what does that mean to you my fellow Tappers? Well it means that you can keep on tapping away at your valentine’s until your heart’s content!

If there is an App Store update you may be able to prolong your Valentine’s event for a day or two until a forced update becomes mandatory for all. Once that happens, the event will be over for everyone. The same holds true for any in-game update, once updated, no more love for you.

So if you’re still hoping to get that final Lovely Lamp or Valentine Balloons, keep playing. The Tunnel of Love may still be within your grasp! Here are some wheel spinning strategies to help if you need it. But beware, you are living on borrowed time and EA could pull the plug  at anytime!

Poll: Ready for the Tin Man?

It is finally here – in less than 24 hours we will all be just like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz -
Heartless, and ready for anBart Valentine adventure (Level 39, anybody?!!). The Valentine’s Day event will officially be over, and so will our days of collecting hearts from ours and our neighbor’s Springfields.

In preparation for this looming cardiac event, please visit your neighbors today and spread some final loving hearts to them in case they have not yet completed the Wheel of Friendship – also, clear your town of your hearts so that they may visit you one last time. Hopefully in this way, they will be able to make their last spin count if they haven’t already fully embraced the Tunnel of Love to their bosoms.

Love PlanterAlso, make sure you’ve bought enough of the limited time items to decorate with over the next year, as this will be it for them until next February.

In the meantime, tell us what you thought of the second Valentine’s Day event – are you happy or saCherub Topiaryd to see it go? Did it last too long or too short? What was your favorite thing about the event – was it a prize, the old content making another appearance, the new characters or was it the wheel that made your heart spin? Let us know in the comments section after taking the poll.

                                                                               Tin Man

What do you want to see in Level 39?

Now that the excitement over the release of Level 38 has diminished, what do you hope to see in the Level 39 update?

Each update usually focuses on a character, and a building that character is most associated with, like Judge Snyder and the Courthouse. Then sometimes we get a completely unrelated building that has no bearing on anything, like the Springfield Grocery Store.

Do you have any characters who you’d still really like to see added to Springfield? Perhaps if not a specific character, an area that could use better representations, like the school system, oldies, oddballs, business owners, etc. While we may be running low on voiced-characters, there are still so many ancillary characters that are unaccounted for in the game that could easily become candidates for a future update.


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