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All Rise for the Honorable, Judge Snyder

Sometime later today, the Court House should complete its construction if you’ve been playing without speeding up any tasks. Once it is built Judge Snyder will unlock and jump right into the swing of things as he is set to decide Comic Book Guy’s fate.

Once a ruling is made, the first chapter of the Level 38 update will close. The second chapter, titled “Two Extra Eyes On Springfield” follows as a continuation of this story, with Kent Brockman at the center of it.

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Introductory Law and Extortion Principles

In our continuing efforts to keep our game play in sync with yours, here is the first half of “The Devil Wears Blue” walkthrough, the quest associated with the Blue Haired Lawyer.

You may have noticed that Homer initiated the first part of this quest, even if you didn’t purchase the character. Perhaps this was a veiled attempt to get us to buy some premium content, or maybe it was just a small taste of the quest line for everyone, regardless of their current level to enjoy. This was an interesting approach, as many wondered why Homer was sent on a 30m task that that didn’t appear to have a continuation.

Well it only continues if you decided to purchase the Blue Haired Lawyer. So is this legal eagle worth your donuts? Well… ultimately the decision is up to you, but we have some thoughts on the subject. Honestly, it may not be wise to hire a lawyer who’s retainer could be paid in baked goods, but maybe that’s just me.

As a character, he’s is the embodiment of the greedy, ambulance chasing, lawyer stereotype – so there isn’t a lot of substance there. That’s probably the point though, as he doesn’t even have a proper name. He is a voiced character, so that’s a plus. Are you a fan of this blue-haired esquire, or is he no match for Lionel Hutz?

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Who’s the Dish that Dished us Level 38?

Lindsey Naegle leftI’ve admitted it before, and I’ll grudgingly admit it again, but I am not quite the walking encyclopedia of all things Simpson as are my fellow writers. So the first thing that I thought after updating wasn’t “Woot – Level 38 is here!” but rather “Who is that pretty lady staring back at me to announce our newest daily distraction?!”

Despite not immediately recognizing this character, I hope you agree that my lack of super nerdy in-depth knowledge of the 25 year old TV series, is well balanced by my game knowledge – and my ability to imagine TSTO’s infinite possibilities. And since this comely character has never graced our touchscreens before, I have made it my mission to learn all that I can about her and relay the pertinent bits to you.

As most of you know, TSTO has long been a wasteland when it comes to female characters. Sure, things have been looking up as of late with the inclusion of Luann Van Houten, the Bouvier sisters, Kumiko and Candy Kevin (I tease the lowly NPC). But we haven’t even come close to achieving parity between the sexes since Homer and Lisa were first introduced to start the game. That being said, who exactly is this mystery lady, and why is she so against having a family?

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Complete Walkthroughs for Level 38

Even though we’re going to be trying something different by posting snippets of the walkthroughs over the course of next few days to better align our posts with our readers, that doesn’t mean you have to wait if you’re proceeding ahead of the curve.

My morning was spent typing up the rest of the Judge Snyder walkthrough, and completing the Blue Haired Lawyer for your view pleasure. So rest assured, if you skip some of the dialogue you can always come back here to read it.

As a bonus, try tapping on the Lady Justice Statue in the game for a humorous animation.

Should I purchase the Blue Haired Lawyer?

The Blue Haired Lawyer works for Luvum and Burnhamis law firm and is Springfield’s most prominent lawyer. He is known for his blue hair and nasal New York accent, which is voiced by Dan Castellaneta.

He usually appears in the show as one of Mr. Burns lawyers, however he occasionally appears to serve as a prosecutor and is also an active member of the Republican Party.


  • Jobs earn at a premium rate
  • Continues the quest, The Devil Wears Blue
  • Completes the legal eagle set of characters
  • He’s a voiced character wth some great catchphrases


  • Costs 90 donuts
  • Does not come with a building, even though he has his own office in the show
  • Not a limited time character so no rush in buying him
  • Only has two outdoor tasks which are both quite dull
  • You could buy instead for the same price, the Pet Shop, The Rich Texan or even the Duff Stadium

The Blue Haired Lawyer really does have some good quotes and is a very well voiced character, but is this enough to shell out 90 donuts for him? Probably not! He only has two outdoor visible tasks and both of them are pretty unentertaining, so unless you really want to know how ‘The Devil Wears Blue’ quest pans out without reading the walkthrough I wouldn’t bother purchasing him.

But for those on a budget who are thinking of buying him I would hold off to see what a possible updates Valentine’s Day brings, after all he’s not a limited time character so there’s no rush. If you’re a completionist or have donuts burning a hole in your pocket then I probably wouldn’t be able to dissuade you anyway.

Wage Increases for Premium Characters

So during the first Christmas update, one of the prizes you could buy with Santa Tokens was Barney’s Bowlarama. Then during the Whacking Day event last April, the Springfield Coliseum (w/ Drederick Tatum) and the Sleep-Eazy Motel (w/ Miss Springfield) were awarded as prizes for whacking enough snakes. So basically these three characters started out as free content.

Well after the events expired, these three buildings w/ characters were moved to the shop to purchase at any time, each for an exorbitant amount of donuts. So if you bit the bullet and actually bought any of these, how sad were you do find out that they didn’t even earn at the premium rate? What a rip-off, right?

Now finally, after nearly a year of waiting, these characters have now been upgraded to premium status.

So whether you’re a player who got these buildings for free during holiday events, or someone who spent a boatload of donut to acquire any of these characters, you can now enjoy the same premium bonus. It’s one of the nicer surprises of this update. Not quite as nice as a land expansion would have been, but at least the developers are making appropriate corrections to the game.

The Path to Unlocking Judge Snyder

In an effort to stay better connected with our readers, we’re going to make a few daily posts to cover the Level 38 update. We’ll try to time things so we’re all more-or-less playing in sync with each other. The first day covers the first five parts of the quest line, which ends with being prompted to build the Court House. The second day and a half will be spent waiting for this new building to be constructed.

Hopefully you’ll be able to make some room in your town to accommodate these new buildings. If the comments are anything to go by, many of you are running out of space and were kind of hoping for a land expansion today too. For now it looks like you’ll just have to move things around if you want to progress further into the game.

If you just want quick information without dialogue, check out our abridged walkthrough.

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Level 38 is out now!

After your game downloads an update, restart your device to trigger it if it’s not showing up for you.

As predicted, this update brings some swift justice to Springfield. Stayed tuned for more updates as they are available. Stay tuned for all of the latest information. As an aside, while a full walkthrough will be available later today, in an effort to connect better with the community snippets of the walkthrough will be posted to coincide with players who are playing at a regular pace.

You’ll need to keep Homer and Wiggum free to kick things off.

Wiggum is the only character you’ll need to kick off the main quest. Homer gets one free quest in the secondary story line, to complete it you’ll have to purchase the Blue Haired Lawyer. The road to unlocking Judge Snyder and building the Court House starts with Wiggum.

New Buildings
- Court House ($319500)
- Springfield Grocery Store ($261000)

New Decorations
- Lady Justice Statue
- Khlav Kalash Stand
- Greenpeace Boat

New Premium Stuff
- Knightboat (40 donuts)
- Blue-Haired Lawyer (90 donuts)

Update: The abridged walkthrough for Level 38 is now online. The dialogue will be filled in later. This should be enough to get you going in the meantime.

Walkthroughs, even better than before!

One of the key elements of this web-site is our Walkthroughs section. This page has been completely overhauled to make it even easier to find the information you are looking for. Now you can see, at a glance, which buildings have been included with the various game updates.

This page has also been broken down into five sections: level updates, new areas, episode tie-ins, premium stuff, and holidays. These categories should make it even easier for you to find the specific walkthrough you are looking for.

One other change is that the full-dialogue versions are now the default view, so if you just want to know the basics without any spoilers, just click the “Hide Dialogue” link at the top of the walkthrough.

Hopefully everyone will get a lot more use out of our blog now that these changes have been made. If you like the work we’re doing, remember to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and add our site to your bookmarks. You may want to stop back tomorrow, as there is a good chance that the Level 38 update will find its way to our devices very soon.

Level 38 Spoilers

The Holiday 2013 event has been extended for another week, which likely means we won’t see the next level update until the second half of January. Players, especially those who are at the level cap, are getting impatient. When Level 38 finally does come along, what types of content can we expect? There are no guarantees, but take a look pass the break if you’re interested to see what has been uncovered so far.
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