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Mrs. Krabappel takes an active role in Luann’s quest line

If you have chosen to purchase Luann, you’re in for a treat. Mrs. Krabappel takes an active role in the quest line. It looks like this school-teacher may be retired from the show, but she still has an active presence in the game.

Once I type up the walkthroughs and outlines for this latest update, you’ll all be able to read and enjoy her new exploits with the citizens of Springfield. How do you feel about this decision? Are you happy to see more of Edna, or do you think they should stop writing for her character in the show and in the game?

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Level 37 Spoilers

I’ve said too much. If you want to know more, check out the information on TSTO News courtesy of CoolBrown and spAnser. When the update finally does go live, it looks like it’ll be a busy day for me. I’m on standby to write outlines, walkthroughs, and to help you decide how to spend those donuts.

If you decided to take a peek for yourself, what do you think of the latest additions to the game?


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