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Can I place the stolen bumper car in Krustyland?

You would think that an amusement park ride would be the perfect decoration for Krustyland, and it would be if you could actually place it there. Unfortunately this decoration is limited to just Springfield. Well that’s not exactly true… you can also place it on the boardwalk.

If you want to have bumper cars in Krustyland, you’ll have to keep some of the busted ones around. Some people have even made makeshift bumper car rides using debris, paths, and fences. It’s not perfect, but you have to work with what you’re given. Too bad this area of the game is ignored so often.

You can’t even send Dolph or Jimbo to Krustyland, but you should considering you can send Kearney and Nelson there. Maybe one day there will be another big update to the park, but until then, there is little reason to visit. Well… except for popping balloons.

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Should I purchase Jimbo?

Did you get your favorite toughie for free, or would rather have had Jimbo Jones come with the Noiseland Arcade? If you really want to complete the gang of bullies, it’s going to cost you 120 donuts, provided you already have Kearney who costs 60 donuts. Shauna also fits into this category as well, but she’s not as integral to the core group.


  • He is one of two characters who interact with the Noiseland Arcade
  • His “Hackey Sack a Frog” task is well-animated, as well as his most interesting


  • Only two of his tasks are outdoors
  • He cannot go to Krustyland, but neither can Dolph
  • Once you finish with his quest line, there is little to do with him
  • He does not have any voice-clips, which diminishes his value even further

Should I purchase the Museum of Natural History?

Some museums are free and open to the public. The Springfield Museum of Natural History is not one of those museums. If you would like to add this bit of culture to your town, it’s going to set you back 100 donuts.

So with a building this expensive, surely it must come with a quest line, or at least have a character or two that can visit it regularly. Nope. It just takes up space. On the bright side at least it looks nice.

  • This building increases your indolence rating by 10 points
  • It fits in nicely with the other education-themed buildings in the game


  • No characters ever interact with this building
  • The asking price of 100 donuts is a bit too high considering its lack of value
  • This building doesn’t come with a quest line, nor do any characters interact with it

Rebel Without A Pause Pt. 1 – 7

If you have decided to purchase Jimbo, you will receive this seven-part quest line. Keep in mind that even though he interacts with characters through dialogue bubbles in the main quest, you do not have to purchase him. All premium content is optional. If you feel that Jimbo is worth the asking price of 120 donuts you’ll be one step closer to completing the “Toughies” character group.

Unfortunately Shauna seems to be unaffected by the introduction of her boyfriend. This would have been a nice opportunity to update her tasks a bit, but alas…
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Running With The Bullies Pt. 1 – 17

noiseland-arcadeThis quest line plays very much like an episode of the show. This is one of the great things about having the same writers for the game. You might not notice the flow of the story when it’s broken up over several days of play, but having taken the time transcribe the unabridged walkthrough, you really get a feel for the story the writers had in mind.

Some of my favorite parts are when the characters are being meta, particularly when making a reference to the level at which they unlocked.

There is also a nice nod to some of the crazier adventures Bart has had in the past, which is done by briefly alluding to previous episodes. Perhaps in a future post I will highlight exactly which episodes the game is referring to.

Until then, enjoy this walkthrough for the main story line of the level 36 content update. As an aside, for those who doubt that I’ve taken the time to type these all up myself. None of this information (at least as complete as this) is available on any other blog, or wiki.

Not that I’m always going to have the information available before anyone else, but I do pride myself on working swiftly and efficiently to bring you all the latest information as soon as possible. In instances where I can’t, I really appreciate the people who comment to fill-in the gaps when I’m unavailable.
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Spoiler-Lite Walkthrough for Level 36

dolphHere are the short versions of the main quest and the quest you get after purchasing Jimbo. Dialogue will be added later, but this should give you an idea of who you’ll need to keep free to allow this story to continue.

The primary players for the start of this story line are Nelson, Dolph, and Bart. As you progress Fat Tony becomes involved, as do Lisa and Martin. If you’d like to see what those characters will be doing, continue reading.
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The Basics of Level 36

The next title update to the game increases the maximum level to 36. The first thing you’ll need to do is find Nelson, as he will initiate the first quest which will allow you to build the Noise Land Video Arcade, which unlocks Dolph. The construction of this new building takes the usual twenty-four hours, so relax for the day and get ready to enjoy the lengthy quest line that comes along with this new update.

A complete walkthrough will be posted later in the day, but first I’ll post a spolier-lite walkthrough that will only include who initiates the next part of the quest, and what those tasks are. Basically this will include all of the information you’re use to seeing in walkthroughs, minus the dialogue.


Here is what you’ll find on the site later today.

  • Running With The Bullies Pt. 1 – 17
  • Rebel Without A Pause Pt. 1 – 7

I’ll also try to put-together two new “Should you purchase…” posts for the new premium items.


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