SKINNERRRR?! Pt. 1 – 3 and Night At The Knowledgum Pt. 1

Building the new high school is only the first step in a comical quest line involving mostly Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers. Once these three parts of the quest are complete you’ll unlock the ability to build the Springfield Knowledgeum. It is the most expensive building in the game required for the story to continue, with an asking price of $379,500. If you’re struggling for cash, you may want to hold off until the next update. Building prices tend to get cheaper as new content for the game is released.

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Introducing Superintendant Gary Chalmers

The Springfield school system feels so much more complete now that Super Nintendo -intendant Chalmers has been added to the game. It’s always a pleasure to have another voiced-character added into the game, and lets be honest, this update wouldn’t have been nearly as fun if you couldn’t hear him shout “SKINNERRRR!” when you tapped on him.

Once the Springfield High School finishes construction he will unlock, setting off the quest line for this update. If you take a look at his task list you will notice that his tasks are evenly divided between indoor and outdoor activities. One other thing to note is that he is the first, and only character to have a permanent task in the All Night Gym.


60m$7017Shout at “SKINNERRRR!”Springfield Elementary
4h$17545Lead CalisthenicsAll Night Gym
8h$27570Catch Some “DINNERRRR!”Minnow Pond
10h$35090Break Character-
12h$420100Intend Springfield High SchoolSpringfield High School
24h$600150Survive Off the LandCampfire

Should I purchase Sherri & Terri?

These troublesome twins are now available to add to your Springfield, providing you’re willing to cough up 150 donuts. It is important to notethat although these are two individuals, they act as one character for all of their tasks. As with all premium characters, they do earn money and XP at a higher rate than other characters, which is always nice when you’re trying to progress through the game.


  • Unique, only instance of two characters always acting as one
  • A majority of their tasks are outdoors, so you’ll see some fun animations
  • Once you have built Springfield Elementary, all of their tasks are unlocked
  • They have seven tasks of varying length, which is more than most characters have


  • Expensive
  • They are not voiced
  • They do not come with a building

Sherri & Terri

60m$10526Mock OthersSpringfield Elementary
2h$17540Play a Duet
4h$26070Use Their Secret Language
8h$420105Torment BartSpringfield Elementary
12h$600150Do the Creepy Twin Stare
16h$750200Cry to Get What They Want24h$1,000225Text in Twin-Speak

The World’s Smallest (most expensive) Vanity Decoration

In case you don’t have five-million dollars to spend on the World’s Largest Zirconia, here is a quick overview of this decoration. Unlike the other expensive vanity items, this one is particularly small. It only occupys a 3 × 3 space on the map, which is smaller than one road tile. It does however come with an animation when you tap on it. Considering the asking price, it’s the least this little decoration can do, other than boosting your vanity rating up a considerable amount of points.

The animation is as follows. When you tap on the zirconia it disappears in a puff of smoke. When the smoke clears you see a Polaroid photo gently gliding down onto the empty pedestal. Afterwards you see another small puff of smoke and the zirconia reappears.

For those wondering about the origin of this decoration, it comes from the episode Homer the Vigilante.

Level 34 is here!

The latest update to the game is here, and this is all of the information you will be presented with when you log-in. The focus of this update seems to revolve around the Springfield school system, with the addition of Superintendent Chalmers. It takes twenty-four hours to build the Springfield High School. Once completed you’ll unlock Chalmers and yes, he is voiced.

If you want to spend 150 donuts you can also get the twins, Sherri & Terri. Keep in mind, though they are two people, they act together as one character. There’s also Robby the Automaton for 40 donuts, which acts as any other premium decoration. Also out-of-the-blue we get another high-price vanity item, the World’s Largest Zirconia. If anyone purchases these items, let me know what you think of them. The game just keeps on getting more expensive expansive!


Springfield High School – $232,500
Springfield Knowledgeum – $379,500 (unlocks after completing “SKINNERRRR?! Pt. 3″)


Premium Stuff

Sherri & Terri – 150 donuts
Robby the Automaton – 40 donuts (2.00% bonus money and XP to all Jobs.)


Chalmer’s 1979 _ONDA – $9,800
Minnow Pond – $4,500
Camp Fire – $2,600
World’s Largest Zirconia – $5,000,000