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Kamp Bart Pt. 1 – 7

kamp-bartEven if you didn’t purchase Kamp Bart, you are still given a quest the leads-in to it. Should you decide to purchase it, you will get the only costume available for Bart so far. The asking price of 200 donuts is incredibly steep, and judging by a your responses this piece of content wasn’t a particularly attractive purchase.

Timing wise, it really clashed with the “Rod and Todd” and “Bread and Putter” story lines that were also released at this time. By releasing all of these quests focusing on the children of Springfield at once, it made things a bit disjointed. Even as a stand-alone quest, Kamp Bart wasn’t particularly interesting. Perhaps you’ll have a different take after reading the dialogue presented in this walkthrough.

Kamp Bart

60m$10526Take over Kamp KrustyKamp Krusty
4h$26070Go on a Rampage
8h$420105Burn Krusty EffigyKamp Krusty
12h$600150Roast MarshmallowsKamp Krusty
24h$1,000225Spend the Night at Kamp KrustyKamp Krusty

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Bread And Putter Pt. 1 – 5

Even though this building was originally part of the Valentine’s Day update, there weren’t any quests involving it until now. Thankfully there is a five-part quest line involving a mini-golf tournament. Either Ned or Homer will initiate each part of this quest, so keep an eye out for “!” over their heads. If you’ve been keeping Homer in Krustyland you may find that you still have a few rounds of mini-golf to play before this storyline wraps up.

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Rodd And Todd Pt. 1 – 10

So it turns out that all this time Ned’s kids were stuck in the bathrooms at Sir Putt-A-Lot’s, who knew? There is a good chance you may have already built this during the Valentine’s Day update, but if you missed out on that content update you now have a second chance to build this miniature golf course.
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