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If you decided to purchase the Community Center, you’ll also unlock Jasper.

Unfortunately this five-part quest line is the most activity you’ll see from him for quite a while. Hopefully the developers will get more mileage out of this character in a future update, especially if more Oldies are added to the game.

In the meantime, enjoy the hilarious misadventures of Jasper.
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Should I purchase the Community Center?

The Community Center is one of the most expensive items in the game, with a 150 donuts price tag. Purchasing this building also unlocks Jasper “That’s a paddling” Beardly.

No characters have tasks at the Community Center, and Jasper hasn’t been involved in any other story line so far. It is hard to justify this purchase from a practical standpoint. However, if you just want a unique building with a great character, it may just be worth the asking price.


  • It also unlocks Jasper, who is voiced
  • Three out of his five jobs are outdoors, each with great animations
  • The Community Center is an atheistically pleasing building with a unique design


  • Jasper only has five different job options
  • The asking price of 150 donuts is quite high
  • No one can visit the Community Center, not even Jasper

Level 30 Walkthrough

This update, released at the end of May added Herman and his Military Antique Shop to the game. It also added the restaurant Zesty’s, which hasn’t been used for anything since being introduced.

The key players in this storyline are Herman and Marge. The following characters are also involved, but only for one quest each: Grampa, Bart, Milhouse, Fat Tony, Wiggum, and Apu.
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